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Bad Habit

by Shenseea

Bad Habit lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Have a bad habit, have it Have a bad habit Mi know mi have a bad habit, (I know I have a bad habit,) Have it have a bad habit Gyal bruk out have a bad habit, (Girl broke out, have a bad habit) Have a bad habit, Mi know mi have a bad habit, (I know I have a bada habit,) Have a bad habit
[Verse 1] Mi nuh chittie, me nuh do chatty (I’m not chiitie, I’m not chatty) Mi nuh likkle mouth a massy (I’m not a little informer) Confident Plus me vagi space likkle like a full Cab (Plus my vagi space little like a full Cab) Di way me make me batty shake (The way I make my batty shake) Faster dan a Bugatti (Faster than a Bugatti) Mek mi inna people eyes (Made me in people’s eyes) Like mi de inna illuminati (Like I’m in the Illuminati) Mi legs spread out like trapaulin (My legs spread out like tarpaulin) P*ssy fat, full a shelter like a awnin' yeah (P*ssy fat, fill of shelter like a awnin’ yeah) Mi underneath pretty like a drawnin' (My underneath pretty like a drawnin’) Mi want a man fi jam it up inna mi parkin (I want a man to jam it up in my Parkin) Spot, ah mek mi (Spot, And make me)
[Hook] Tick... toc it up a bit Batty cock up inna di air (Ass cocked up in the air) Mi ago hoist it up a bit, ah mek me (I’m going to hoist it up a bit, and make me) Bend... fit like a gymnast Waist likkle man a ask if a trim mi trim it (Waist little man a ask if a trim mi trim it) And wen me (And when I) Bum! Bum! Bum! Bum! Sidung pon it (Sit down on it) Any man weh get da whine yah (Any man that gets this whine) Affi strong fhi manage it (Have to be strong to manage it) Want a real long ting Brace innah mi bracket (Brace in my bracket) Luv to f**k a fi mi bad habit, (Luv to f**k a fi mi bad habit,) Bad habit
[Verse 2] Know fi move di bun (Know to move the bun) Mi know fi drop it like a crumb A marathon weh nah guh done (A marathon that isn’t going to finish) Stamina long, have donkey lung Mi, bum it up an dung (I bum it up and down) Mi man fhi beat it like a drum (My man should beat it like a drum) Sweat a run, do it fi di fun (Sweat running, didn’t for the fun) Flexible like a chewing gum Mi wah sumthin' tuffa dan rock (I want something tougher than rock) Set it tek it from back (Set it take it from back) Balance pan mi hand (Balance on my bed) An' know fhi balance pan mi head top (Ajd know to balance on my head top) Di lizard lap position hot (The lizard lap position’s hot) It ago hold yuh like a trap (It’s gonna hold you like a trap) Mi p*ssy good yuh know mi (My p*ssy good you know me) Got it like Dat! Dat! Dat! Dat! (Got it like That! That! That! That!)
(Repeat Hook)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Hook)

"Bad Habit" Song Info

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