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by Jada Kingdom

Banana lyrics with English Translations

[Hook] Mi wan my fruit, dat banana (I want my fruit, that banana) Time fi get loose, (Time to get loose,) Give me wha mi wan nuh (Give me what I want) Mi wan my fruit, dat banana (I want my fruit, that banana) Nah stop screw, (Not stop screwing,) Wan do wha mi wanna (Want to do what I want to)
[Verse 1] Answer your phone for me (Wen mi call yuh) ((When I’m calling you)) Baby I been calling (Pick up nuh) ((Pick up)) You either want plenty (Plenty plenty) Gimme that Cavendish (Give me that Cavendish) (That banana) Too hawt fi sleep alone (Too got to sleep alone) Please don't show off no more Come give me what I want I'll make my bumper roll Call me 'Sexy Body Sally' Eastside JA, not from Cali On the weekends put it on me Tell yuh gal go suck har mommy (Tell your girl go suck her mommy)
[Bridge] Hey Haffi push di badness (Have to push the badness) Your d*ck be poppin' Try nuh mek me wait 'til morning (Try don’t make me wait until morning) Big man you jus’ try mek sure (Bug man you just try make sure)
(Repeat Hook)

[Verse 2] Can't take the bag o' chattin' (Can’t take too much talking) You know what I been lackin' Run it pon mi like Beijing (Run it on me like Beijing) Try nuh take dis fi plaything (Try don’t take this for play thing) Luv wen yuh circumcise enuh (Love when it circumcise you know) Peel it off, ah so mi like it yea (Peel it off,that’s how I like it yea) Wan fi ride it off nightly yea (Want to ride it off nightly yea) Slide it right up inside me yea An’ slap up mi batty (And slap up my ass) Yuh ah di man, mi call yuh Papi (You are the man, I call you Papi) Yuh ah di realest boy yuh have me (You are the realest boy you have me) Tell yuh gal mi nah go nowhere (Tell your girl I’m not going anywhere)
(Repeat Bridge)

(Repeat Hook)

[Outro] Me wan my, that banana Get loose yea, give me wha mi wan nuh (Get loose yea, give me what I want) Me wan my, banana (I want my, banana) That banana Nah stop screw wan do wha mi wanna (Not stop screwing want do what I wanna)

"Banana" Song Info

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