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Big League

by Mavado

Big League lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] You dun know enuh Zoom (You already know, Zoom) Dis weh every ghetto yute work fah (This is what every ghetto youth works for) Eeeh stay home and feel nice, and f**k some gyal (Stay home, feel nice, and f**k some girls) Yuh si wah mi ah seh (You see what I’m saying) Sum bwoy gyal.... (Some guy’s girl) Hahaha

[Chorus] Is a big league (It’s a big league) Yay a di big league (Yay it’s the big league) Right now mi a live my life (Right now I’m living my life) And you know seh mi life real (And you know that my life is real) Is a big league (It’s a big league) Wooy is a big league (Wooy It’s a big league) Is a big league (It’s a big league) From nothing to something Now wi up inna di big league (Now we are up in the big league)

[Verse 1] Right now mi ting up like seven (Right now my thing is up like seven) And dem cyaa see the I drop (And they can’t see the I drop) Red eye bwoy weh a watch out mi business (Red eye boy that’s watching my business) Dem need likkle eye drops (They need a little eye drop) Dem a seh the Gaad reach down a yard (They are saying the God has reached down in Jamaica) And if mi cyaa fly back (And if I can’t fly back) Bomboclaat man a laugh afta dem (F**k! I’m laughing after them) Gully bigger than the pilot Every ghetto youth know Wi nuh change how wi grow (We don’t change how we grow) Wi jus need likkle dough (We just need a little dough) Live mi life like a show (Live my life like a show) All man need a the bing, bing (All I need is the money) Successful life a di in ting (Successful life is the in thing) Den how di f**k mi fi stop sing (Then how the f**k must I stop sing) Mi naw stop, then mi move to the acting (I’m not stopping, then I’ll move to the acting)

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 2] Now mi back see the fake dem deh (Now I’m back, I see the fake ones are here) Point blank mi nuh rate dem deh (Point blank, I don’t respect them) Dem cry mi a river in a lake dem deh (They cry me a river, in the lake they are) Seh dem never duh mi wrong but a snake dem deh (Said they’ve never did me wrong but they are snakes) Castro a weh Chase dem seh (Castro, what did Chase and the others say) Jamaica waan see mi face deh seh (Jamaica want to see my face they say) When you see the garrison a fi mi place dem deh (When you see the garrison, that’s my place) Zoom roll out the Jaguar wid the brakes deh (Zoom roll out the Jaguar with the brakes) Tell dem man rich before 30 (Tell them I was rich before 30) My millions dirty When you see the Gully Gaad a travel earthly Chauffer driving no police nuh search mi (Chauffer driving, no police are searching me) All man need a di bing bing (All I need is the money) Need a di bing bing (Need is the money) All Zoom need a di bing bing (All Zoom need is the money) Mobay in need a di bing bing (Mobay in need of the money)

(Repeat Chorus)
[Outro] A di league weh wi inna (x3) (It’s the league that we are in) Is a big league wi inna (It’s a big league that we are in) A di league weh wi inna (x3) (It’s the league that we are in) Is a big league wi inna (It’s a big league that we are in)

(Repeat Chorus)

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