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Bless Me Different

by Jah Vinci

Bless Me Different lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] A di World Singa dawg Chip Nation So blessed,so blessed,so blessed,so blessed, Yhhhh Yow Chako
[Verse 1] One time mi used tuh suffa like dawg Man a come from a place deven light inna di yaad Mama cry nuff nights an’ everytime mi ask A because shi nuh know weh daddy gone Ye si di place weh mi come from Weed alone a jump smoke Affi a touch road and come forth Get di [?] A just reality mi know seh it harsh Mi nuh run joke mi glad seh mi eye naah close
[Chorus] Jah yuh bless mi different Mi feel like it different Cause everytime mi wake an’ tek a breath a air Mek mi know seh it different Jah yuh bless mi different Cause nuff youth nuh mek it out thru di year Jah yuh bless mi different Mi feel like it different mi know mi bad Mi coulda dead an’ gone Jah yuh bless mi different Mi know seh it different Wen mi si mi first daughter Shanique bawn
[Verse 2] Yow Chaco Mek mi tell yuh bout sometimes wen man a grow Juvenile a play mi part like any shotta show Life bitter every episode Manning’s Hill know Miss Chin affi push out wen dah Glock yah load A play a days like mi neva know seh di time woulda come Wen mi deh buck up inna Bigga Ford Nuff sacrifice mi pay di price Nuff write mi off now mi laugh Deven know mi woulda come back home
(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 3] Mi nuh plan fi fail memba dat Road weh mi walk God know seh it dawk And wen things hard Yh Man a shoot like star Youths inna di ghetto Depend pon wi fi mek it out Caah dem wan’ know weh wi walk Nuff nuh memba God Mi give thanks seh mi deh yah mi toe nuh tag
[Bridge] Yh Feel like it different Wooooooaaahhhh Mek it out thru di year Different, different Oooohhhh Waaaaah Different
(Repeat Chorus)

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"Bless Me Different" Song Info

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