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Blessings Pon Blessings

by Beenie Man

Blessings Pon Blessings lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Yeah mek mi enlight uno darkness about a few tings (Listen to weh mia seh) Is not everybaddi come seh dem a fren a fren yuh know (Hmm, nuff a dem a fassy fren) Yah man Yuh have nuff a dem who a siddung and watch weh yuh have And try fi set up yuh life (bad) Just fi send yuh a prison (dutty heart) Try fi duh some ting Sometime yuh haffi ask dem a who gi yuh dat job deh Tell who weh send yuh seh yuh nuh get through Anything yuh waan duh, Zagga Fada God love me hope Fada God love yuh get tuh di verb, Anyway
[Chorus] I’ve got one life tuh live and money haffi mek Mi want a jet wi gonna live it and mi just buy di Benz And di Phantom drop top nuh clear yet wi gonna duh it Mi nuh waan nuh badmind or hypocrite inna mi life Mi cut dem off dem couldn’t stop it Mi nuh trust new fren Mi will stand wid mi bredda dem till di end Wi gonna duh it
[Verse 1] Mi drive leff hungry inna di Rearview Now mi have mountain a Seville gyal a surround di Hilltop Like curfew dutty government have man pon review Pon mi money dem waan a sneak preview Opinions mi nuh matter about yuh view Mi only matter about mi breddas and my crew And what mi come to do
[Pre-Hook] Wi come yah suh fi mek some money And love some Honeys and dweet pon our own time Hail up Fada God and bun badmind sing di punchline
[Hook] His blessings pon blessings pon blessings yeah His blessings pon blessings pon blessings yeah His blessings pon blessings pon blessings yeah His blessings pon blessings pon blessings yeah His blessings pon blessings pon blessings yeah His blessings pon blessings pon blessings yeah His blessings pon blessing pon
[Verse 2] Weh dem siddung and plan come wid money inna URN Meet dem pon a maggle pon Wen God a my Den My Jesus dem know from Kingston to London Unnuh come chop chop Chop wicked a fall down Birmingham to Brixton, Tell Firehouse rise everything a Drews Lane All badman right here wia mek a stand there Suh dis year mi want 20 billion pound e Every parish can get a billion pound Si new house a build man seh gimi one Shi stop walk foot Shi get a mini van Suh mi nuh feel bad wen mi spend a million pound Caah man a bun red eye like a onion Mi si Scary and Skelly Ann and dem a ask mi weh wi deh yah pon Wooah
(Repeat Pre-Hook)

(Repeat Hook)

[Verse 3] Yuh get a box work suit fi touch di street Now yuh waan a crib Who is gonna bring it school fee fi pay rent And light fi pay yuh know seh a dime yet Who’s gonna give it Teachers weh teach doctors and police Paycheck still a breach Who’s still a suh it nuh pull teeth Preach weh some preach Grandma him a thief who a guh kill it
[Verse 4] Yuh can duh anything yuh waan duh Fada God deh yah and a guide yuh Every step weh yuh tek Every move weh yuh mek Him deh deh and a guide and protect you Weh dem devil man a bleach inna night dew Now mi closet inna mi house is a drive-through All di struggles dat badman been through Dis wi come yah suh fi do
(Repeat Pre-Hook)

(Repeat Hook)

[Outro] Talk of the Town Music

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