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by Baby Cham

BLOOD CLXXT lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Everything's different but nutn doh change When people under pressure,people act strange Now everybody stress out and people distract Them a treat we like we a after~
[Chorus 1] Mek mi cuss bloodclaat Baay things a happen and nobody naah talk And some a the killa them a move so dark Cah when dem a hunt like hawk,nuh woman and nuh pitch cyaah walk Mek mi cuss bloodclaat A new one pop up weh nuh have no heart Then somebody drop him and him leak out quart But yuh know the wickedess part,Government a chat baay fart Mek mi cuss bloodclaat
[Verse 1] When duppy go fah all the granny get kill Tun it pon the house them and a pure blood spill And people yuh done know the drill Some rich bwoy a peep when mi still,suh them skill Bloodclaat Bredda watch yuh back when yuh a park Switch up unuh ride a that the p**sy them a stalk And if a cop stop yuh,nuh stop a no weh dark Jamaica law write inna chalk,a the talk Bloodclaat
[Chorus 2] Minister a thief and the p**sy get caught How that fi happen and nobody nah rawt But a suh the riot a go start The wull a them line up bombaat Mek mi cuss bloodclaat Police have gun but them gun too short Another body end up pon another hand cart And crime rate is off a the chart And our leader them nuh too smart Mek mi cuss bloodclaat
[Verse 2] Then them a pretend like the pressure naah build How it ago go when everybody cup fill And anytime them cyaah pay them bill Sorry fi who live pon the hill Nanyville bloodclaat Mi tell unuh fi watch them,devil fork Watch when them grudge yeah them will leff dem devil mark And if yuh neevn have a likkle pup weh can bark Them will nyam yuh likkle food like shark Watch yuh wall,
[Chorus 3] Bloodclaat Cham things a happen and nobody naah talk Cah the likkle killa them a move too dark So when unuh a stalk like hawk,leave the likkle kids in the park Weh mi say,bloodclaat Wah that them a buss,dah one deh sound like dart Donovan and belly get them head top part A scammer money mek the war start But mi see them pon the news a chat fart Mek mi cuss bloodclaat

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