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Born Fighter

by Jahshii

Born Fighter lyrics with English Translations

[Bridge] It nuh easy believe mi dem waan yuh keep eh truth as a secret Di people need it reveal it ahhhhhhh yeah Wi a di future Cyaah defeat wi every ghetto yute life have meaning Emotion a run wild like really Right now mi drown inna mi feelings
[Chorus] Jah jah fall rain (fall rain) cause mi know Brighter days An appear wen eh storm clear (storm clear) And yuh a be di light weh a guide mi inna di dark days Forgive mi past oh lord it mek mi heart pain (Heart pain) Protect mi soul caah dem waan put eh pon sale
[Verse 1] Jah Jah talk tuh mi dem just kill mi fren A weh dem waan duh mi? Heart a vent nuh si nuhbaddi fi argue wid But man a born fighter a mi dem cyaah bully Wull heap a powers inna prayers and psalm mummy Triumphant dem think mi cyaah duh it Tell yuh inna dis mi put mi heart tuh it Ahh ahhhh yeah Wull heap a pressure depression mi stay strong Naah give in tuh frustration A di cream a di crop a Fuss Nation try cause mi neva cuss failure A di more dem try fi fear wi get braver (Get braver) Yeah man a ghetto hero wi nuh decide fi bi jailer
(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 2] Birth fi fight yuh know mi born firm Life experience anuh class work If yuh nuh get di lesson den yuh cyaah learn God a gimi blessing mi nuh guh Church (Born fighter) A di fittest a di fittest survive (A di fittest a di fittest survive) Yeah a di fittest a di fittest survive Man a mi born fighter (Man a born fighter) Strongest soldier get di fight (Strongest soldier get di fight) Born fighter and yuh know seh a pressure buss pipe And a pressure build Diamond Pressure build Fuss Nation mmhmm Yeah yeah
[Outro] Yow Shane DJ Mac yuh know how eh ting guh and mi seh Johno Don Automatic yeah yeah Born fighter born fighter Strongest soldier get di fight Jah jah fall (fall rain) Mi know brighter days appear wen di Storm clear Yuh a be di light weh a guide mi inna di dark days

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