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by Nation Boss

Brave lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Loyalty tuh di grave yeah Redpan Spain Town Loyalty a tuh di grave yeah Di wull a West Side Loyalty a tuh di grave yeah St.James Loyalty
[Chorus] Mi native dem brave, Brave brave and our loyalty Tuh a tuh di grave humble and dawk like wi live inna cave Get charge fi guh jail And wi neva call name Mi tell yuh boh brave Nothing nuh scare wi a wi mek boy fraid Dis full a dollar coin and mi neva did a save We know seh di code a darkness fi days
[Verse 1] Troublemekka brave have eh heart of a lion Naah guh a road cyaah walk leff eh iron Chan baths anuh frias everyday fi wi standard aguh higher Yeah Lord answer mi prayer heart frozen Caah mi been through di fire Dis a mi life mi naah guh bi a liad Still a walk all wen mi tiad
(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 2] Man neva wuk digicel but mi thing chip up Man viscous nuh trust bwoy weh move suspicious Shoes weh mi native weah anuh reebok If dem heard seh mi head a hot mi Dem waah si yuh One don mi si weh mi look inna eh mirror Discreet fimi killa dem nuh like video Spaintoiwn Yow tell dem Ocho Rios Mi nuh depend pon guard ring fi luck
(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 3] Guards up wid eyes inna di back a mi head Roll heavy and mi neva bring nuh bag a cement Eyes out fi di enemies weh a pretend mi si everything Wen unuh feel seh mi nuh si dem Militancy fi real mi a di president It evident seh dis a native eminent Mi represent di streets my thing anuh fren Grange Hill King Valley
(Repeat Chorus)

[Outro] Ye-a-ah Jobe Lane Loyalty a tuh di grave yeah Steer Town, loyalty a tuh di grave Seaview, loyalty a tuh di grave Yeah St.Ann loyalty

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"Brave" Song Info

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