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Brighter Days lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Yeah yeah Loud and to the world I see dem swines, (I see those swines,) Mankind, acting so unkind Almighty all di time (Almighty all the time)
[Verse 1] Well I'm dreaming of a new tomorrow Hope that history can change its course Because the path that we chose to follow Is filled with darkness, such an evil force Now I'm so scared about the future This road is such a slippery slope What we need is more peace recruiters Only love can bring us hope
[Verse 2: Gytian] These are some serious times Please put all the weapons down Mankind is so unkind It's like things go round and round Yeah
[Verse 3: Tommy Lee Sparta] Well a Tommy Lee a tell unuh seh dis is not a game (Well a Tommy Lee telling y’all that this is not a game) A lot a tings mi duh, mi just dweet fi entertain (A lot of things I do, I just do it for entertain) But there is a time to die and there is a time to live again Now it's time to love and spread love and mek it rain (Now it's time to love and spread love and make it rain)
[Pre-Chorus: Turbulence] The wrongs we do can't be undone So let's come together, One for all and all for one I know we can hold it down What we need to do is pray And we can see the sun Let me hear you say We need a brighter day
[Chorus] What we need is a brighter day We need is a brighter day What we need is a brighter day We need is a brighter day
[Verse 4: Jahvillani ] Mi si Christian live a life a pray (I see Christian live a life praying) Mi likkle Juvenile wid a nine a spray (My little Juvenile with a nine spraying) Mi si man guh prison and nuh survive a day (I see man go prison and not survive a day) Yow di youth dem need a brighta day, righta way (Yo the youths need a brighter day, right a way)
[Verse 5: Bounty Killer] Mi cyaah believe a how di youth dem todeh a behave (I can’t believe that’s how the youths today behaving) Martin Luther, Marcus Garvey dem must turn inna dem grave (Marcus Garvey and others must turning in their grave) Peace and love and unity Yow, a dat wi fi a pree (Yo, that’s what we preeing) Help di nex generation, a dem wi fi a save (Help the next generation, it’s them we should save)
[Verse 6: Kiprich] From yuh deh out deh (From your out there) Stop procrastinate, Caw anuh jus faith, yuh fi wait pan fi bi great (Cause it’s not just faith, you should wait on to be great) To elevate, Yuh leggo di heavyweight (You let go the heavyweight) Dah world yah full a hate, step out yeh (This world here full of hate, step out here)
[Verse 7] Yow mi talking to di Uptown and di inner city (Yo I’m talking to the Uptown and the inner city) Times get suh tuff, suh di time ain't suh pretty (Times get so tough, so the time ain’t so pretty) Mama si har son gun down what a pity (Mama see her son gun down, what a pity) Wi need to change now cyaah di future suh iffy (We need to change now cause the future so iffy)
[Pre-Chorus: Dre Island] The wrongs we do can't be undone So let's stand together, One for all and all for one I know we can hold it down What we need to do is pray And we will see the sun Here mi wen I say We need a brighter day
(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 8] Well my heart keeps crying, cause I keep trying To understand why, Di innocent keeps dying (The innocent keeps dying) Love around no one while hate is on hike It keeps getting worse while we all stand by
[Verse 9: Anthony B] Better tomorrow, better tomorrow We need more love to take away the sorrow We all need a brighter day Suh let's all start from today (So let's all start from today)
[Verse 10] So if yuh gonna fight, den fight fi yuh rights (So if you gonna fight, then fight for your rights) Fight fi yuh freedom, fight fi yuh life (Fight for your freedom, fight for your life) Nuh fight fi yuh bredda jus fi get a likkle stripe (Don’t fight your brother just to get a little stripe) And tho sell yuh soul jus fi get couple likes (And though sell your soul just to get couple likes)
(Repeat Pre-Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus)

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