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Chosen lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] I cried unto the lord with my voice, With my voice unto the lord Did I make my supplications I poured out my complains before, I shoot before my troubles, When my soul was overwhelmed within me then Neweth my path in the lane where I walk Have they privately laid a snake for me
[Bridge] The fool as neva being told yet, The truth as never being spoken of Is like a never being home Still have never being homeless (Give thanks to jah) I was never alone, But if I was hopeless would they really ignore me?
[Hook 1] What if I was broken or torment Would they really bring more stress What if never being so bless, What would have really be like if I have no friends Will I still be me or someone else?
[Chorus] Is it really just like a hero affi die before everyone notice Have I really got chosen? Am I really that potent Is it really my pride and mi tears won’t dry And mi just cyah show dem no more, Am I really that broken? Have I really got chosen
[Post-Chorus] Dem nuh really know dem nuh really, Dem nuh really know dem nuh really know, But who feels it knows it torture and emotions Approaching burning inside like cold skill But one thing fi sure I hold still
[Hook 2] What if I had no strength? Would they tell me I love you again? What if I had nothing But myself would it have been sad in first place Tell mi how yuh can know Whose real or fake when people pretend every day Tell me who will be there for you in times when nobody can help,
(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Post-Chorus)

[Verse 1] All wen dem deh di closest enemy doe win legendary Portfolio mi tell di porting tell mi weh dem deh before mi leggo Di [?] Dem left mi broken a betta dat di duh mi nose bridge All wen a COVID dem couldn’t hold me, Mi success a keep purpose still deh pon di road still Mia push a current a current JPS couldn’t wull di voltage An’ mi fortrige mi success nuh lick di forces mi wull mi own still
(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Post-Chorus)

(Repeat Bridge)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Post-Chorus)

[Outro] What if I had no strength?

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