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by Alkaline

City lyrics with English Translations

[Verse 1] F**k weh the f**ker dem haffi seh (F**k what the f**kers have to say) If dem did hat wouldn’t deh weh dem deh (If they were hot, they wouldn’t be where they’re at) Dem talk about me like everyday (They talk about me like every day) Mi talk about dem like not one day (I talk about them like not one day) Frass, everybody just a follow, follow me (Frass, everybody’s just following me) Yow mi cyaah be the wul a unuh daddy (Yow, I can’t be all of you all daddies) Mi have mi guards up like every day (I have my guards up like every day) Mi 3 points nuh go suh easy (My 3 points don’t go so easy)

[Pre Chorus] Now mi feel mi need a key fi the city (Now I feel I need a key for the city) One a di jenna dem now would a fit mi (One of the Jenners now would fit me) If mi nuh f**k fi two day it couldn’t sick mi (If I don’t f**k for two day it couldn’t sick me) One time mi never too care but now mi picky (I never use to care but now I’m picky)

[Chorus] Nuh bother grudge mi fi mi things because a nuh fi yuh (Don’t bother grudging me for my things because it’s not yours) Dem never tell you nuh fi trouble weh nuh trouble yuh (Didn’t they tell you not to trouble what doesn’t trouble you) Somebody couldn’t tell mi seh a seh it obvious (Couldn’t someone tell me that it was this obvious) We set the place, yow a we a turn the value up (We have set the place, yow, we’re turning the value up)

[Verse 2] Watch this Mi nuh haffi explain mi self to nuh man (I don’t have to explain myself to no man) And mi nuh need none a unuh opinion (And I don’t need none of your opinions) Just watch yuh tone a voice (Just watch your tone of voice) Humble nuh brother man (Humble, man) Nuh meck wi haffi duh dis infront yuh ooman (Don’t make me have to do this in front of your woman) Mi nuh duh interviews suh f**k yuh question (I don’t do interviews so f**k your questions) Di answer to everything deh pon mi left hand (The answer to everything is on my left hand) How mi fi short a words or inspiration (How must I be short of words or inspiration) When in a literature mi have a distinction ( When in literature, I have a distinction) Oh please yow a we a lock the city (Oh please, yow, we’re locking the city) A Kardashian now wudda fit mi (A Kardashian now would fit me) Who run the place a him we dem fi give wi (Who runs the place, they should give us him) An haffi yuh haffi call it seh yuh lucky wen yuh si wi (And you have to say you are lucky if you spot us)

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 3] Everybody vex over weh mi never seh (Everybody’s vexed over what I never said) Dem seh mi need fi show more respect to the dead (They say I must show more respect to the dead) Mi nuh understand weh some man and man a medz (I don’t understand what some men are meditating about) But mi just couldn’t put nuh bubbles inna mi head (But I couldn’t put bubbles in my head) All of a sudden everybody turn doops (All of a sudden everyone has turn into the man) Couple gyal a seh dem pregnant wid mi youth (Couple of girls are saying they’re pregnant with my youth) Some elder seh dem use to send mi guh a skool (Some elders are saying they had send me to school in the past) And dem use to buy mi chips and bag juice (And they use to buy me chips and bag juice) It’s been too long dem live paw mi name (It’s been too long now since they’ve been on my name) Still mi listen unuh song dem, unuh lame still (Still, I listen your songs, you all are still lame) Mi just a meck it clear seh wi a nuh the same still (I’m just making it clear that we are not the same) Mi hope when unuh start f**k unuh change still (I hope when you start f**king, you will change)

(Repeat Pre Chorus)
(Repeat Chorus)

[Outro] We a lock di city (x3) (We are locking the city) Frass, we a lock di city (Frass, We are locking the city)

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