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Cold Stories

by Chronic Law

Cold Stories lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Yow Zum (Yo Zum) Yoo You know di code enuh (You know the code you know) Dawg (Dog)
[Chorus] Smaddi tell mi seh mi probably dead lonely (Somebody told me that I probably die lonely) Daddy tell mi seh mi probably dead lonely (Daddy told me that I probably die lonely) Broken heart, cold stories Mi chest plate a tun inna ice slowly (My chest plate turning in ice slowly)
[Verse 1] Mi feel empty wid a loaded gun (I feel empty with a loaded gun) Di more mi hide from troubles a di more it come (The more I hide from troubles is the more it come) Roun’ yassuh dooh pretty (Round here isn’t pretty) Anuh tourist grung (It’s not tourist ground) Alright Receive likes but mi nuh get love (Receive likes but I don’t get love) Mi weed high [?] a mi drugs (My weed high [?] it’s my drugs) Mommy a jus’ a ruff phase dis fi yuh son (Mommy it’s jus’ a rough phase this for your son) An’ mi nuh shed tears no more (And I don’t shed tears no more) Mi feel numb (I feel numb) Mi nuh trust fren’ mi nuh need nuhn (I don’t trust friend I don’t need nothing) Mi feel fi kill mi nuh feel love (I feel to kill I don’t feel love) Yow (Yo)
[Bridge] Mi nuh ave fear no more (I don’t have no fear no more) Feel numb Streets set a way Wi still a fight fi freedom (We still fighting for freedom) Commi like loyalty seize up (It’s like loyalty seized up) Yow (Yo)
(Repeat Chorus x2)

[Verse 2] Yow (Yo) Did happy wen mi naav nuhn (Was happy when I had nothing) Now money mek mi tun a target (Now money made me turn a target) Dem waan fi war mi (They want to war me) Suh mi buy mi Rifle an’ guh vanish (So I bought my Rifle and vanished) From yuh diss mi yuh ah guh dead (From you diss me you going to die) Mi anuh gospel artist (I’m no gospel artist) Mi link mi chargie (I link my chargie) Bullet speed a fly likka black Ferrari (Bullet speed flying like black Ferrari) Man chuck off fi save him life (Man chucked off to save his life) Him an’ him fren’ dead inna garbage (Him and his fren’ dead in garbage) Yow (Yo) A dem de sumn deh mi gwaan wid (Those things I do) Lawd fi give mi if yuh can (Lord forgive me if you can) But if yuh don’t (But if you don’t) Mi naah guh siddung an’ duh bagga bawling (I’m not gonna sit and do a lot of talking) From Hilltop tuh Salt Spring (From Hilltop to Salt Spring) Know mi travel wid spirits (Know I travel with spirits) Mi nuh lef mi guard ring (I don’t leave my guard ring) (Ye) Mi observe an’ duh less talking (I observe and do less talking) Dark worl’ mi nuh luk ppl fi par wid (Dark world' I don’t look people to link with) Yow, yow (Yo. yo)
(Repeat Chorus x2)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus x2)

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