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by Chronic Law

Crossroads lyrics with English Translations

[Verse 1] Mi deh pon a road Weh nuh chiney cyaah fix Deh inna war wid miself mi chargie Still a si dark clothes but nuh rain Nuh fall yet Life weh mi live a it a mek mi start fret Ahhhhhhhh Mi si di light but mi live di darkness Snakes lef poison venom Inna law flesh Stop drink liquor Mi nuh guh weh nuh bar deh
[Chorus] Nuh matta wah Yuh si pain yuh cyaah run from it Mi drink, mi smoke And it come back Mi feel di same wen tears dun fall Yow yow Mi jus know seh pain yuh can learn from it Dis journey ruff dawg Mi feel like mi destroy mi love last
[Verse 2] Yow yow Mi deh pon a flight turbulence start Mi did a try si di light But di vision dark A try escape from the thing name past And gallon back pon eh runway name flask Wi ave it dawg nuhbaddi nuh perfect a tall Di sun hawt but dah world ya nuh warm Cold world eh guh wid mi cold heart
[Verse 3] Mi jus' affi work wid eh pain Everyweh mi turn a di same Seh dah girl deh a yours den yuh Shame seh di dawg a yuh killer Den a wah mek yuh gun a turn tuh yuh brain? All wen yuh nuh si light post Energy a drain
[Bridge] But mi just affi deal wid it Dun know who nuh real wid mi Nothing cyaahh change a people dis Anyweh yuh turn dawg
(Repeat Chorus)

[Outro] Yow yow

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"Crossroads" Song Info

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