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by Skippa

Dream lyrics with English Translations

Get a dream and me sight me death
Start up eh fast car
Bwoy tun star
Bwoy tun star
Get a dream yeah

[Verse 1]
Get a dream and me sight me death
Cyah heal jus a wait pon me time in hell
Another sleepless night me fren
Cyah heat and me cyah wull nuh idle medz
But it's gon' be alright
Man haffi rich wether me live or die
Yuh know me dawk yuh know me corrupt from yuh see my eyes
Yuh start up eh fast car and mek we rass up eh tar
Mi and me killa dem a come from far now di boy tun star
And 'em a reap eh reward but 'em still a keep eh phone pon eh charge
Banga dem active and we a chop and a pop pill
Head sick it might need one aspirin
Hold a bwoy skull captive real banga nuh acting (banga nuh acting)

[Verse 2]
Dawg yeah hold a owl red neck and me chop it up
Nuh likkl food fimi ting dem haffi package up
A fimi weed mek me feel like me a daffy duck
Pussy yah fi smell it bro nuh matta how me wrap it up
Expensive whips me match it wid a expensive bitch
Know nuh fi talk nuff cah she nah get shit
Jus eh free lifestyle n dick yeah
Dawg how me fi stop me cyah leff it alone
Di mount a money weh me mek from dis banga phone
Me say me sick ina me head me couldn't wok fi a soul
A pon eh line me go press and mi go wok fimi goal
Yeah expensive whips me match it wid a expensive bitch
Know nuh fi talk nuff cah she nah get shit
(Dawg) dawg a one goal suh a one 14
Yh we know we did ago chap before we tun 14
And me skull kinda sick becaz she lack protein
A sweepstakes mek eh killa dem clean chlorine
Yeah nuh see nuh white bwoy out deh me sorry fah
A me alone feel me pain and me carry dat
Nuh tell me bout nuh heaven gate ano chariot
So hurry up and get di giftcard n carry dat
Yeah and i will pay for my sins, nah me fam me muss win
A di weed weh me smoke eh got me floating
Bad bitch ina me house me cock she stroking
I will pay for my, nah me fam me muss win

Muss win yeah nah gah heaven skull a bawl to eh lawd me dehya so a laugh n a talk to eh devil
Me alone ina di dawk jus a mek time pass now a afta eh 11
Wah di capping about real dragga never chap fi nuh clout
Me chap two blank check ina me client account
Me duppy hold him and a spin 'em lakka roundabout

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