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Dutty Casamigos

by Stalk Ashley

Dutty Casamigos lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Oouuu Yuh si weh liquor do? Ooh ooh Yeah yeah
[Verse 1] I took one shot, two shot, three shot, four Now mi head just a spin liquor spill pon di floor Look,I just wanted to party but right now I just wanna f**k somebody I’m scrolling through my contacts maybe I should call my ex back Mi need mi sex back I’m sipping on henny, I regress might duh sumn I regret Ah, mi set suh boom and dress back cause mi look too hot fia gyal gimmi chat 40 inch buss down, middle part, jet black and mi likkle dress black Every man a watch caah mi likkle thing fat now Killa a di front, mi and fren dem in di back yow Mi si a pretty ting weh mi woulda lock down They will do anything mi ask yuh, Suh if yuh si mi wild out Please don’t blame me
[Chorus 1] A just eh dutty Casamigos Yuh know a it a mek mi feel suh And if yuh feel seh wi hype right now just wait till mi meech Live di life weh mi dream bout waan guh Maiden Cay pon a speed boat Jus mi and mi amigos An’ eh dutty Casamigos
[Verse 2] Wi live inna di sky like Pilot 2 Bad b*tch by mi side hm, why not? Elevation me a pree fimi family Yeah mi a stinking rich till mi dry rot huh Yeah mi si di hate, but mi nuh mind dat cause dem nuh hate unless yuh lit Is a reminder dem affi guh stay vex, Cause dem nuh hate unless And mi naah ease off a dem neck
[Chorus 2] Ohhh A jus di dutty casamigos weh tun di gyal dem inna freak hoes And if yuh feel seh wi hype right now Jus wait till wi meech out Waan live di life weh mi dream bout waan guh Maiden Cay pon a speed boat Jus mi and mi amigos A dutty Casamigos
[Outro] Yeah man desuh it deh man Dis a fi di people dem weh bleach out deh wi have di rum But wi nuh meech out yet Yo Romeich, Mi wa try some a di big series dem tuh enuh Tired a di three series dem tuh enuh

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