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Dye Dye

by Macka Diamond

Dye Dye lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] I’m just in the mood for some sweet loving Dye dye dye Yuh ready fi mi baby (Are you ready for me baby?) dye dye dye Baby dye dye dye woiee, yes this is some love song Woiee, go to the movies dye dye dye Cause you know what dye dye dye Am in a loving mood

[Verse 1] Bwoy tek mi head and shub it pon him shoulda (Boy take my head and shove it on his shoulder) Sum weh unda bed the phone fling unda (Somewhere under the bed the phone is thrown under) Tun on di tv and start di drama (Turn on the TV and start the drama) When mi a dance bruk it dung, him seh fi whine harda (When I dance “bruk it dung”, he says I must whine harder) Mi daddy beat mi, mi a bawl fi mama (My daddy beat me, I cry for mama) Him a play string guitar mi a bang piano (He’s playing the guitar string, I’m banging the piano) Sound string up noise a mek a wah dis mi unda (Music is set up, noise is making, what is this I’m under) Sweat a run, heart a race, inna di love saga (Sweat is running, heart is racing, in the love saga)

[Chorus] dye dye ,dye dye dye, ah dye dye ,dye dye dye, ieee dye dye ,dye dye dye, it hot dye dye, the love a sweet me woiee (dye dye, the love is sweeting me woiee) Di love a sweet me woiee (The love is sweeting me woiee) Woiee di love a sweet me (Woiee the love is sweeting me) Ah dye dye ,dye dye dye Dye dye

[Verse 2] Switch position now Change di formation a di match (Change the formation of the match) Nuh wah nuh half time, don’t stop (Don’t want any halftime, don’t stop) Mi know yuh like six-thirty but now a 10 o'clock (I know you like six-thirty but now it’s 10 o’ clock) Suh recline di chair and gwaan easy back (So recline the chair and take it easy) It sweet mi, mi talk inna gypsy, (It sweets me, I’m talking in gypsy) Pulu pulu ,wooie ,dah boy yah a nuh easy (Pulu pulu ,wooie , this boy is not easy) Loop up me riddim balance me and mix me (Loop up my riddim, balance and mix me) Lawd about fifty times mi count when him text me (Lord, I counted about fifty times when he texted me)

(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Verse 1)
(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Verse 2)
(Repeat Chorus)

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"Dye Dye" Song Info

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