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by Govana

Earthquake lyrics with English Translations

[Pre-Chorus] Earthquake Batty deh a mek di Earth shake Back it up and mek eh bum like eh world trade Bubble pon di buddy luv di way yuh twerk bbz Head a hurt up Smaddi get di first sage Girl bathe pretty like a mermaid Catch eh pon south an’ shift it inna third gear From di first date gyal mi luv yuh work great And mi luv eh way yuh mek yuh pretty tongue a circulate (Gyal) back it up and mek eh Earth shake Earthquake bumming like di world trade Gyal yuh pretty like a mermaid (Lord)
[Chorus] Gyal yuh batty big suh Back it up and mek yuh hip flow Bad gyal a how yuh thick suh Model pon a gyal mek it show yeah Yeah yuh have mi under hypno And mi love it wen yuh guh pon tip toe yeah Rest it pon yuh tongue jus gimmi ting a quick blow More yuh jiggle it like a di bigga it grow
[Verse 1] Yuh batty big suh suh mi waan yuh dry rate Use up yuh muscle vibrate Tek eh big foot anuh size eight Skin it out mek juck it like a bike brake An’ yuh pumpum heavy gyal yuh one nuh light weight Gyal yuh know yuh ave a nice shape And yuh fine like whine inna wah yuh find ?? Pretty face and yuh ave a likkle tight space It nuh fi yuh try taste mek eh spine break Come now Gyal mi gyal mi want yuh dry rate come yah gyal Gyal mi gyal mi want you vibrate Stiff breast and mi nuh care gyal if yuh body modified bbz
(Repeat Chorus)

[Bridge] Gyal yuh batty big Jiggle it in a yuh belly Drop eh drill Twerk yuh fi twerk pon deh top ah dey ting Reverse like car tire space back eh ting Shake it anuh tree a killing mi love di smoothness mi feel pon yuh skin Gyal yuhxave everything mi want and everything mi need Affi feature yuh ting vibrate Earthquake (x5)
(Repeat Chorus)

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"Earthquake" Song Info

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