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by Nation Boss

Emotions lyrics with English Translations

[Intro: Both] Nation Boss, yeah Bush lawd Troublemekka Nation
[Chorus: Both] When emotions a pass through you One prayer heals all those wounds Jus rememba seh Jah Jah feels your pain Jah Jah feels your pain When the skies not blue Mi native don’t give up too soon Jus rememba seh Jah Jah feels your pain Jah Jah feels your pain
[Verse 1: Both] A coulda really wah di cause a dis Dem si di cake an’ want tek half a it Keep up mi put inna di saucery Style the thing now I’m part a it Now I got flow [?] cyaah carry Dun count mi out suh mi yuh cyaah tally Duh mi thing an’ cut mi seh mi naah tarryRatha shield mi face  Wah mek yey watery Partially, dem style mi a ready Now a tell di Boss sorry A lucky thing mi listen when yuh talk mommy Cause humans want tek mi heart from mi Guards up forever yuh know mi cyaah drop eh Nation Bush Lawd a sing harmony Nuff time mi feel like bawl but mi read a psalms Tell mi self mi alright but mi far from eh
(Repeat Chorus:Both)

[Verse 2: Nation Boss] Mi get scars but Trouble seh humble mi g Dem o’ heal Words cyaah explain how mi feel Mi si tuh much humans a pretend fi be real Suh mi deal wid facts ova feelings Cut mi yah now mi nuh bleed Yeah mi feel pain an’ mi grieve Prefa roll wid mi blem an’ mi weed Caah dem too deceiving bro not a fren wi nuh need
[Verse 3: Both] Change di game in two days One track with two greats Nation we’re too great Veterans of today Congratulations I’m like [?] Many say they want us winning I’m like really do they? We fall they crusade Are their excuses too late?
(Repeat Chorus:Both)

"Emotions" Song Info

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