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Everything A Sell

(Everything Is Selling)
by Quada

Everything A Sell lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] OSJ Everything a sell (Everything’s selling) Wild croc Everything a sell (Everything’s selling) Dung a town (Down at town) Mobay tell dem (Mobay tell them) (OSJ Recordz)
[Verse 1] Everything a sell (Everything’s selling) Man a sell cream an’ gyal a sell gel (Man is selling cream and girl is selling gel) Some a dem a sell shot (Some of them are selling shot) Mi si nuffa spen’ shell Wah day mi guh sell (Recently I went to sell) Nuff time mi guh spell (A lot of time I go to spell) Everything a sell (Everything’s selling)
[Verse 2] Everything a sell (Everything’s selling) Nowadays mi nuh trust (These days I don’t trust) Notice every gyal waan sell yuh a f**k? (Notice every is girl wants to sell you a f**k) Money nuh grow pon tree (Money doesn't grow on tree) Yuh wi get bruck (You will get broke) Mi stop guh wholesale (I’ve stop going wholesale) Missa Chin, mi nuh trust (Mr. Chin, I don’t trust) Back tuh skool time (Back to school time) A book bag an’ pen (A book, bag and pen) Everything a sell (Everything is selling,) Nuff weed an’ blem (A lot of weed and cigarettes) One twenty gi yuh a new zumjeng (One twenty gives you a new [?]) If dem nae know Well bad a tell dem (If they never know Well bad is telling them)
[Chorus] Car a sell, house a sell (Car is selling, house is selling) Head a sell, mouth a sell (Head is selling, mouth is selling) Real hustla, wi nuh beg fren’ (Real hustler, we don’t beg friend) Wi a gwaan duh di dirt (We are keep doing the dirt) An’ buy a yeng yeng (And buy a Yeng yeng Bike) Tell dem (Tell them) Food a sell, loom a sell (Food is selling, loom is selling) Big house, Anuh one room a sell (It’s not one room selling) Wi mek money an’ wi nuh beg fren (We make money and we don’t beg friend) Wi nuh gi people an’ tek e tell dem (We don’t give people and take it tell them)
[Verse 3] Nuh eazy fi buyout (Not easy to buyout) Si anuh wholesale (See it’s not wholesale) England town guh Delacree Lane (England town go to Delacree Lane) Mi si nuffa dem a hype (I see a lot of them hyping) An’ a buy champagne (And buying champagne) An’ neva fly buziness class pon plane (And never flew business class on plane) Yuh nuh si seh dem bank book sprain? (Don’t you see their bank book’s sprain?) Born fi mek di money well bad Ordane (Born to make the money well bad Ordane) Mi si man a sell Guinep (I see man selling Guinep) An’ some a sell Cane (And some selling Cane) Neva bug out wi neva switch inna di lane (Never bugged out, we never switch in the lane)
(Repeat Chorus)

[Bridge] Wi nuh gi people (We don’t give people) An’ tek e tell dem (And take it tell them) (Dooh?) ((Dont?)) Everything a sell (Everything’s selling) Dung a town (Down at town) Mobay tell dem (Mobay tell them)
(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)

[Outro] OSJ tell dem (OSJ tell them) Well bad OSJ tell dem (OSJ tell them) Te-tell dem Well bad Well bad Well bad (Well bad) (Well bad)

"Everything A Sell" Song Info

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