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by Shaneil Muir

Exclusive lyrics with English Translations

[Pe-Chorus] Anything weh mi wear mi buy dat (Anything that I wear I’ve bought) Nuh walk and borrow gyal clothes (Don’t walk and borrow girl’s clothes) And mi nuh si di bwoy weh fi call mi out (And I don’t see the boy that could call me out) Mi name good out a road (My name’s good at road) Cuz mi nuh easy fi get (Cause I’m not easy to get) And if a bwoy get mi it nah guh easy fi leff (And if a boy get me it’s not going to be easy to leave) Promise! Mi nuh si di gyal weh fi run up an’ mi panic (I don’t see the girl that can run up and I panic) Nuh watch di pretty face head wi’ open like a bonnet (Don’t watch the pretty face head will open like a bonnet)
[Chorus] Yuh nuh si mi exclusive? and any game a play mi haffi win (You don’t see I’m exclusive? and any game’s playing I have to win) Cah mi nuh tek loses mi swear dat a di truth (Cause I don’t take loses I swear that is the truth) A regular mi haffi tell a boy deuces any game a play mi haffi win (Regular I have to tell a boy deuces any game playing I have to win) Caah mi nuh tek loses (Cause I don’t take loses) Yow mi nuh tek loses (Yo I don’t take loses)
[Verse 1] Suh yuh really feel seh mi aguh sidung (So you really think that I’m going to sit down) And mek a bwoy clown mi? (And make a boy clown me?) Any man mi deh wid haffi own mi up (Any man I’m in a relationship with have to own me up) And if yuh ever hear seh top gyal a fight ova man (And if you ever hear that top girl is fighting over man) Wen yuh si mi every bone fi bruck (When you see me every bone should break) Caah mi mi nuh tame (Cause I’m not tame) Nuh likkle gyal can't call up mi name (No little girl can’t call up my name) (Ayy) (ayy) And if anuh mi an’ mi team mi nuh hitch up inna clique (And if it’s not me and my team I don’t hitch up in clique) Unu doh watch di fame (yeah) (Y’all don’t watch the fame (yeah))
(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 2] Suh mi watch di game like clockwork (So I watch the game like clockwork) From mi get di break mi nu stop work (From I got the break I don’t stop work) Fulla praya yeah mi put God first (Full of prayers yeah I put God first) Fi mi story it haffi have a better chapter (My story it have to have a better chapter) Work hard and watch di growth (Work hard and watch the growth) Mi know mi grow mi got a lot of flow, dem sick (I know I’ve grew, I got a lot of flow, they’re cool) Stock alot of shows and mi mek a lot of hits (Stock alot of shows and I make a lot of hits) Yuh know mi stay cool, all if wi guh di same school (You know I stay cool, even if we going the same school) Yuh still nuh inna mi class (You’re still not in my class)
(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Pre-Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus)

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