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by Gage

Family lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Fans dem call yuh daily Fans call you daily Jus' fi seh: "DJ wi love yuh" (Just to say: "DJ we love you") Legends get di fight (Legends get the fight) Di motivation come from struggle (The motivation comes from struggle) Nuff start out wid yuh (A lot start out with you) But dem nah go finish wid yuh (But they aren’t gonna finish with you) Nuh mek dat stress yuh (Don't make that stress you) Dawg dem just nuh fit di puzzle (Dog they just don’t fit the puzzle) Jay seh keep di family close (Jay said keep the family close) Dawg a Kit dat roll inna di (Dog, is that Kit rolled in the) Studio Onetime? Mad ting man (Mad thing man) Right now wi (Right now us) An' Snow deh yah a gwan buil' (Us and Snow is here chilling) Right now mi a mek dem know seh (Right now I’m making them know that) Mi cyaah jus' write song fi find rhyme (I can't just write song to find rhyme) Mi need fi talk di truth dawg (I need to talk the truth Dog) Yuh zimmi, like (You understand, like)
[Verse 1] Why mankind medz suh Luv put man problem (Love our man's problem) Pon dem head suh (On there head) Hold on deh artist mi nuh cut yuh (Hold on artist I'm not pausing you) Dem luv seh man fi medz (They love to say man should meditate) Dem fi hold medz tuh (They should hold meditation too) A just di way dem brought up (It's just the way they’re brought up) Couldn't see my friend dem (Couldn't see my friends) An’ my heart tuff (And my heart’s tough) If yuh diss all Kit it goodly cost yuh (If you diss Kit it probably cost you) Why yuh think mi go hard suh (Why you thought I go so hard)
[Verse 2] Yow People a p*ssy Why yuh think (Why you think) Mi keep miself from dem (I keep myself from them) Mi roll wid mi family (I roll with my family) An’ couple gunman friend (And couple gangster friend) A that's why anyweh mi go (That's why anywhere I go) Mi big up Glockburn Pen (I hail Glockburn Pen) An’ di real thugs dem (And the real thugs) Weh eva seh 'Beng Beng' (That always say ‘Beng Beng’) Look pon mi thugs dem (Look at my thugs) Now wi a come from far (Now we are coming from far) Wi eva keep di link (We always keep the link) All wen di place did a war (Even when the place was in war) Kit pull up inna di place (Kit pull up in the place) An any which part him park (And anywhere he park) Yea wi a par (Yeah we are linking)
[Chorus] Hey Weed, money, girls, honey House an' car an' land (House and car and land) Fimi friends and mi family (For my friends and family) If yuh nuh one a dem (If your not one of them) Den wen mi call yuh nuh (Then when I call you don’t) Haffi deal wid me (Have to deal with me) (Nuh deal) ((No deal)) Weed, money, girls, honey House an' car an' land Fi mi friends an' mi family (For my friends and my family) If yuh nuh one a dem (If your not one of them) Den weh mi call yuh nuh (Then when I call you don’t) Haffi deal wid me (Have to deal with me) (Nuh deal) ((No deal))
[Verse 3] Dawg, mi nuh think (Dog, I don’t think) It get nuh real dan this (It gets any realer than this) Dawg dem nuh wah play (Dog they don’t want play) Pon nuh field like this (On any field like this) Dem hear mi song (They hear my song) An’ dem a ask if all a me write this (And they are asking if I wrote this) Dawg Dat’s why mi real G dem like this (That’s why my real Gs’ like this) Yuh nuh haffi do people nuhn (You don’t have to do people anything) Fi dem hurt yuh (For them to hurt you) People will fuck yuh up, (People will f**k you up,) All yuh own girl to (Even your own girl) A that's why yuh nuh catch mi (That’s why you don’t catch me) Outta dem square (Out their square) Mi wi' gwan keep it inna di circle (I will continue keep it in the circle)
[Verse 4] Oh, Mi circle ah fi mi and mi a fi dem (My circle is mine and I’m for them) Suh di ting go, (So the thing goes,) Anything mi ave dawg (Anything I have dog) Mi wi gi' dem (I will give them) If yuh si mi yuh see dem (If you see me you see them) Ahh wi nuh keep links (Ahh we don’t keep link) Wi keep pendant and locks (We keep pendants and locks) Cause links love fi chat (Cause links love to chat) Anything mi and mi brother dem discuss (Anything me and my brothers discuss) Di second wi done chat wi forgot (The second we’ve done talking we forget) Suh yuh cya pick up dat (So you can’t pick up that) Ha
(Repeat Chorus)

[Bridge] WO7 a weh mi hol' di best meds eva (WO7 is when I held the best meditation ever) Uno si man like Gram 1 (Y’all see man like Gran 1) Man like Smoke, Chirps Yuh ave Grabba inna yuh shirt (You have Grabba in your shirt) Yow, Yow Kit (Yo,yo Kit) Da riddim ya a kick (This riddim is kicking)
(Repeat Chorus)

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