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Frsh Drop

by Aidonia

Frsh Drop lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Fresh drop A nuh UWI wen di professor a lecture Shi seh di Louis suh mi guh in a har sector Yeah Fresh drop oooh
[Pre-Chorus] Fresh drop ooh sinting fresh drop Yo villa mek eeh shoes match eh sweater p**sy wen yuh bring di food it affi exact A put sitn’ more pon eh extra Mi likkle bad b*tch yeah a waan rich dat Gyal yuh p**sy too fat in an yuh mesh draws Gyal yuh suck eh c**ky good Mi get di best top (best top) Wen mi cum inna yuh mouth mek less drop
[Chorus] Fresh drop Oou Bad man put it pon di Waff sinting fresh drop Fresh drop Dung inna di summer mek di S drop (S drop) Wen di Benz drop f**k up dem head top Ooou fresh drop oohh Sinting fresh drop New Glock 18 C wid di mesh top defense Strong up any p**sy wah trespass Fresha dan di juice wen eh extract ooouu
[Verse 1] Just wull a bathe and yest block Louis V shirt polyester a nuh nothing nuh cheap check eh texture Si a spanish gyal mammi como estas Black boss foot heavy press gas Mek 30 million fast and a jetpack Man seh nuh call back eh phone caah yuh get chop Fire one a Steph curry step back
(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 2] Yo Govii strike force sitting fresh drop Dung a dream weekend sinting fresh drop Yo zimmi seh di beach a di next spot Deh a sands fresher dan di vegetable fresh crop Ooh BRT sinting fresh drop Gyal em wid di flat belly like it press flat Tashami miss unique contestant Gyal a dead from di Genna mek eh entrance
(Repeat Chorus)

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"Frsh Drop" Song Info

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