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by Alkaline

Grip lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Ahhhhh Ahhhh Ahhhh
[Bridge] Glue, glue like glue Hot right through right though yeah
[Chorus] A you have grip, grip di grip c**k it up and you grip di grip Gyal a weh yuh have grip di grip ahhhh A you, weh yuh have grip di grip Sittn’ good and grip di d**k gyal a weh yuh have grip di grip ahhh A grip eh a grip eh A gripy, gripy, gripy
[Verse 1] Position, position buddy, kitty inna combination Mek eh suh tight and a stop all di circulation Any other dat a impersonation A mek yuh call mek yuh cree mek yuh tap out mek yuh puncture eh wheel A mek yuh cry mek yuh scream dash weh eh spending a di bag move in alright
(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 2] Different settings hot it and wi still hot Hice it up yuh face down inna di pilla Loveyuh figure, wet have it up a drippa tek ova yuh body mek yuh Tremble and a quiver Got eh grip, grip Drip up pon mi sittin’ and it stiff Play wid yuh clit feelin’ fantastic mek mi cyaah duh without it Mi a seh a mek yuh cum mek yuh cree Mek yuh mad bruck up and mash phone screen Mek yuh cyaah duh without with it feel alright
(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Bridge)

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"Grip" Song Info

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