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Gyal Code

by Topmann

Gyal Code lyrics with English Translations

[Bridge] Have a gyal a f**k but mi nuh own har Tell yuh seh yuh cyaah too sure dawg Embarrassment wen yuh deh a road Fi si yuh gyal pon a phone like porn star
[Chorus] f**k nuff gyal but mi doah trust gyal Caah mi f**k nuff gyal weh deh f**k nuff man Ah shi ave a one man a tink him a husband All shi a gwaan shi have nuff option And if thousand man look har, mus f**k one Couple sugar daddy out deh, shi must buck one Couple implant weh deh post pon eh gram, Couple c**k out dehm shi must suck…one
[Verse 1] Shi run di p**sy but shi tell mi anuh fi yuh Shi igmi today but yesterday shi gi yuh Mi nigga Gio wah chap it up a Rio Anytime mi si yuh Suh if a man a f**k mi gyal, Yuh betta f**k eh good cause if mi wull yours, Dawg anuh nutten gud bring har pon a block Ah mek shi suck couple hood (As yuh should) (Nahmal a lie)
(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 2] Ketch eh pree king Anuh every yuh f**k yuh fi keep link Bro gee, yuh coulda richer dan Lee-Chin Yuh gyal wi f**k a bruck man fi a cheap drink Real ting, shi tell him sup’m just fi sweet him Dawg, all di gyal weh yuh sleep wid Shi jus’ tell a nigga seh shi inna meeting Yuh a try keep eh close like key ring Oman have degree inna cheating
(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)

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"Gyal Code" Song Info

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