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Gyal Generals

by Charly Black

Gyal Generals lyrics with English Translations

[Bridge] Wah gwaan, wah gwaan, wah gwaan Wah gwaan Wah gwaan, wah gwaan, wah gwaan Wah gwaan How di party stay? Wah gwaan Mad vibes Yo
[Chorus] Anyweh wi pull up pon di spot Wi will tek away yuh gyal Hey Cause wi nuh rookie, wi nuh clown, wi a gyal general We gone turn it up Oh God di party too sweet One bag a gyal a pull up at di boss feet Oh Dis a di hot spot anuh square call it di decimal We gaan turn it up
[Post-Chorus] Alright den Anything yuh eva did wi dun did it Ha Big gyal general yuh know wi dun did it Anything wi tell yuh gyal, yuh know shi get with it Drop tuh di ground gyal spin it and [?] it Cho afta party gyal desuh we wi gaan Gyal shi tipsy now shi waan marijuana Pon di balcony, even di verandah Shi neva know seh mi is a charma
(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 1] Suh don’t lef yuh gyal cayliss wi couldn’ careless Caah wi deh ya fearless Conquer any conquest Step up tuh up gyal becaah wi a di bravest Lef all your cheerleaders, cheerless Well if yuh thing a morning den a dessuh you wrong It’s not the car, or it’s not a hit song Shi luv mi vibes and plus mi can perform Mi nuh know a wah suh wi want
(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Post-Chorus)

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"Gyal Generals" Song Info

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