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Hamants Convo Pt.3

by Govana

Hamants Convo Pt.3 lyrics with English Translations

M[Intro: Govana] (Ah wah, Strikeforce?) ((What is it, Strikeforce?)) (Mek mi call yuh back deh) ((Make me call you back))
[Verse 1: Govana] (Yow, mi just ah see yuh missed call) ((Yo, I just saw your missed call)) So ah one call yuh see? (So it’s one call you see?)) (No man, 'bout six call) ((No man, bout six call)) (Neva hear di phone like it ah ring soft) ((Never hear the phone like it’s ringing soft)) (Just bun ah married woman and ah rinse off) ((Just burn a married woman and rinsing off)) Oh, Cah yuh know mi just ah seh yuh switch (Cause you know I’m just saying you switch) Dawg (Dog) (Yuh mad?) Cyan hear from mi bredda bredda, (Can’t hear from my brother brother,) Chris dawg (Chris dog) (Ah wamp to yuh DJ?) ((What happen to you DJ?) (Yuh know di link tall) ((You know the link’s tall)) True (Plus Busy seh yuh thief him song pon Pinkwall) (On Pinkwall)) Pinkwall? Mix up dawg, yuh ah think small (Mix up dog, you’re thinking small) (But ah him did do it first,) ((But it’s gin did it first,)) (Professor Nuts and Bling Dawg) (Mi zeet inna mi heart, ((I see it in my heart,)) (It’s like dem wan' yuh ting stall) ((It’s like they want your thing stall)) (Mi wan' yuh loss dem like) ((I want you loss them like)) Ah turbo yuh install) ((It’s a turbo you install)) Yow, leggo dat nuh Chris, (Yo, let go that Chris,) Dawg next topic (Dog next topic) (Alright, sexy gyal an’ big breast topic) ((Alright, sexy girl and big breast topic)) Yeah Last night Mi rest Keisha pon mi Benz bonnet (I rest Keisha on my Benz bonnet) (Yuh think ah likkle bit ah gyal) ((You think it’s little bit of girls)) (Mi f**k ah mek vomit?) ((I f**k and make vomit?)) Hahaha, Chris my bredda (Chris my brother) (Hahaha, no other) (Dawg, yuh know ah Keisha ((Dog, you know a Keisha)) (Tell mi seh yuh f**k Tasha?) ((Tell me that you f**ked Tasha?)) Eh? (Yuh fi wife ah next gyal, mi cyan bother) ((You should wife a next girl, I can’t bother)) (Just ah gwan f**k some bwoy wife) ((Just a continue f**k some boy’s wife)) (An’ baby mother) ((An’ baby mother)) But ah gud ting seh mi knock dem (But it’s good thing that I knocked them) An’get fi know yuh (And got to know you) (Real ting) ((Real thing)) Or else all ah dem ting yah, (Or else all of these things here,) Mi couldn't show yuh (I couldn’t show you) (Den ah save yuh save mi from) ((Then is save you save me from)) (Di yamhead gyal dem, dawg mi owe yuh) ((The yamhead girls, dog I owe you)) Easy nuh Chris mi G, (Easy Chris my G,) Dem nuh gyallis like wi (They aren’t players like us) (No)
[Chorus: Govana] F**k dem gyal fi ah Nike (F**k their girl for a Nike) Nah fi wear Louis V, (Don’t have to wear Louis V,) Dawg just ah white tee (Dog just a white tee) Wi nuh like gyal wah wear big draws (We don’t like girls that wear big underwears) An’ granny nighty (And granny nighy) Gyal confuse, fulla gyal cyan choose (Girl confuse, full of girl can choose) Mi shi link off afta (Me she link off after) Yuh buy di pants and shoes (You buy the pants and shoes) Gyal confuse, fulla gyal cyan choose (Girl confuse, full of girls can choose) Pon di phone weh yuh buy, (On the phone that you bought,) Mek yuh gyal act blues (Make your girl act porn)
[Verse 2: Govana] Dawg, (Dog,) Inna gyallis class mi see yuh get straight A (In player class I see you get straight A’s) (Hahaha) Yow, stall man (Yo, stall man) Yow, sell mi ah Craven A (Yo, sell me a Craven A) (Deejay, listen,) ((Deejay, listen,)) (Shi seh man ah fire like ah AK) ((She said man is firing like a AK)) (Three best friend mi f**k inna di same day) ((Three best friend I’m f**king)) ((In the same day)) Ah suh yuh ah deal wid it dawg? (That’s how you dealing with it dog?) Yuh nah play fair (Your not playing fair) (Play fair? Di gyal haffi pay fi mi plane fare) ((Play fair? The girl have to pay for my plane) ((Fare)) Wul on deh Chris (Hold on there Chris) Yow, gimmi ah pack ah straight hair (Yo, give me a pack of straight hair) Pass mi ah bottle ah di ting weh name Nair (Past me a bottle of the thing named Nair) (Ah weh yuh deh mi artist?) ((Where are you my artist?)) Yuh know ah out ah Havendale (You know it’s out at Havendale) (Ah do wha'?) ((Doing what?)) Yow, (Yo,) Mi jus’ drop mi son ah daycare (I just drop my son at daycare) (Oh) An’ dem have ah little hair store near, near (And they have a little hair store near, near) Suh mi wifey beg mi stop (So my wife begged me stop) An’ get ah pack ah hair there (And get a pack of hair there) (Wha?!) ((What?!)) (Suh deejay yuh did have wife?) ((So deejay you did have wife?)) Suh mi n'ave life? (So I don’t have life?) (Ah full ah so much gyal dawg?) ((And full of so much girl dog?)) Yuh haffi have choice (You have to have choice) Christopher, tuff John (Christopher, tough John ) Ah who dat? (Who’s that?) (Wul on deh deejay) ((Hold on there deejay)) (Di married woman, ah wul deh, y'ear?) ((The married woman, a hold there,you hear?) Alright my G Yow (Yo)
(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 3: Govana, Firestick & Moovementz] (Wicked man Chris inna di city again) ((Wicked man Chris in the city again)) (Squeeze up ah bwoy gyal titty again) ((Squeeze up a boy’s girl titty again)) Hahaha Ah suh yuh ah deal wid (Is so your dealing with) Di road wicked mi fren? (The road wicked my friend?) (Yeah) (Dem gyal ah wicked, [?] pretty fi dem) (These girl are wicked,[?] pretty for them) Bwoy Chris, boop inna yuh head still (Boy Chris, hit in your head still) (Who dat? Firequick?) ((Who that? Firequick?)) Anuh Firequick my yute, ah Firestick (It’s not Firequick my youth, it’s Firestick) Oh (Suh yow, wam to Moovementz?) ((So yow, what’s up with Moovementz?)) Mi deyah man, (I’m here man,) Ah travel wid ting fi move fence (Traveling with thing to move fence) (Bloodclaat) (Mi never know di man dem inna di car) ((I didn’t know the men were in the care)) (Deejay,) (Yuh couldn't tell mi seh yuh) ((Couldn’t you tell me that you)) (An di killa dem ah par?) ((And the killers are linking?)) Yuh know di dawg dem haffi active (You know the dogs have to active) Anytime mi touch di tar (Anytime I touch the tar) (Strikeforce,) (Mi rate di man dem enuh, star) (I rate the man them you know) Hahaha An’ ah same way wi rate yuh (And that’s the same way we rate you) (Jah Jah) Ah suh yuh si wi call yuh and ah hail yuh (That’s how you see we call you and hail you) (Respect deejay) (Nah lie, mi love dat) ((Not lying, love that)) Up (Rate yuh as ah family enuh dawg,) ((Rate you as a family you know dog,)) (Nuh rum chat) ((No rum talk)) (Mi aguh shoot yuh back later doh,) ((I’m going shoot you back later though,)) (Suh wi can done chat) ((So we can done talk)) Eh? (Mi ah get ready before deh gyal) (I’m getting ready before there girl)}} (Ah husband come back) ((A husband come back)) Yuh 'fraid ah bwoy? (Your afraid of boy?) c**k up him wife and f**k dat (Hoist up his wife and f**k that) If ah bwoy ever diss mi friend Chris, (If it’s boy ever diss my friend Chris,) Ah gunshot (A gunshot) (Deejay)

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