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Hate Yo

by RajahWild

Hate Yo lyrics with English Translations

[Pre-Chorus] A mi fi f**k yuh til yuh pain up And mek yuh suck til yuh knee cup scrape up Whole ah yuh system shake up and as yuh pull up pon eh block A jus bay f**k buss inna yuh mouth like draco Page mi wi f**k yuh like mi hate yuh Tie up yuh hand dem and yuh lip get tape up caah nuhbaddi next door Nuffi hear yuh Man a sinna baby hear nuh
[Chorus] A from mi heart dis love letter from ah dog sh*t Love f**k browning cause mi darkskin And mi nah f**k one gyal mi ah artist A from mi heart dis love letter from ah dog sh*t Mi woulda f**k yuh from now til ah mawning And yuh fi swallow cum curry if yuh wah spit Oh mi oh my shi suck eh c**ky til yuh tin out fine prefer mi feel eh Senseless suh mi pill out mine
[Verse 1] Shi pop ah molly get dark shi nuh si no light And if eh boil dung shi guh ride cause shi nah baby tuh dis yeah shi been outside Shi suck eh c**ky like shi want everything out a it And mi wi f**k out yuh heart and guh sing out mine Mi nuh si nuh adda page
(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Pre-Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus)

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"Hate Yo" Song Info

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