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Heart Freeze

by Chronic Law

Heart Freeze lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Yuh dun know the thing guh (You already know how it is) Wi heart less same way eno (We’re heart less same way you know) Nothing nuh change (Nothing have changed) Yow Rubadon (Yo Rubadon)
[Pre-Chorus] Yeah mi nuh wah no love (Yeah I don’t want any love) mi naah guh walk over deh suh from the crowd (Not going to walk over there from the crowd) Earth full a hurt dwag how mi hate the world suh (Earth full of hurt dog how I hate the world so much) When them seh dem rate mi mi start feel nervous (When they say they rate me I start to feel nervous) Mi do stage show, a neva circus (I don’t do stage show, it’s never circus) Mi naah clown out mi self fi nuh girl buff (I’m not clowning out myself for no girl’s vagina) Bashy mi affi carry the heat like thermos (Bashy I have to carry the heat like thermos) Watch everybody weh deh round yuh (Watch everybody that is around you)
[Chorus] Dawg mi neven party (Dog I don’t even party) have a tall stick a carry wid mi like mi cyaah see (have a tall stick carrying with me like I can’t see) Mi have burdens and couple duppy pon mi (I have burdens and couple duppy on me) Life set away mi chargie (Life set away my friend) Mi still feel betta in a darkness (I still feel better in darkness) How mi fi bloodclaat naav dis? (How could I never f**king have this?) How mi fi still trust friend weh a harm mi (How could I still trust friend that is harming me) Before the fame she nuh wah mi (Before the fame she don’t want me) A just di life a the artist (It’s just the life of the artist)
[Verse 1] Gun pon c**k , she a bounce pon c**k (Gun c**ked, she’s bouncing on d**k) Mi know Dililah , weh mi a trust gyal fah? (I know Dililah, what am I trusting girls for?) Dem tie mi already and do worse than dat (They tie me already and do worse than that) A chargie alone mek mi bun ganja (Chargie alone let me burn ganja) A pon friend killa mi will tek the fuss contract (On friend killer I will take the first contract) Mi see darkness weh eva kill a worse man block (I see darkness that ever killed a worse man block) Have the steal in mi hand (Have the steal in my hand) Mi heart tuff than block (My heart’s tough than block) Wulla mi feelings gaan but mi love Sandra (All of my feelings gone but I love Sandra)
[Verse 2] Heart Freeze , dem a fight from di artist deh studio (Heart Freeze, they’re fighting from the artist is at studio) Long before mi have benz car key (Long before I have benz car key) Hate mi before the phone dem get smart gee (Hate me before the phones get smart general) But mi have a heart fulla rage (But I have a heart full of rage) It hard fimi change (It’s hard for me to change) A money mek dem switch suh mi scarn it fi years (Money made them switch so I scarned it for years) A murdera this anuh nuh artist mi name (This is a murder I’m not an artist) Mi believe inna Karma mi walk wid mi K dawg (I believe in karma I walk with my K dog)
(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Pre-Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus )

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