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Hype Me Up

by HoodCelebrityy

Hype Me Up lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Yeah yuh si di vibes lil b*tch (Ah ah ah)
[Verse 1] I feel like.. I feel like I gotto get back in my bag again, To di point where I’m making hoes mad again, Every, time I step out a b*tch sad again, I been Quiet too long, now I’m tired of them I know shorty still mad she couldn’t eat the kitty, And I ain’t beefing with no b*tch that f**ked the whole city, This sh*t could go real calm, Or it could get gritty, ain’t f**ked a high clas if it ain’t fitty…
[Verse 2] Pretty b*tch, I keep it calm in my Fashion Nova, But yuh ugly, you gotta spend 10 Racks Nova, How can I lose? I’m legendary like Nas and Nova, I’m tired of schooling you b*tches now, class over I could go Givenchy down to the socks honey, And every time you see mi b*tch, I know you smell money, Nice shape, caramel, with a flat tummy, Make ugly b*tches sick, and act funny (Augh)
[Verse 3] Sit pon it, split pon it, yuh know mi like it nasty Before mi sit pon it, A me tell uno fi bum pon it c**k it up, Bag back, Vroom, vroom pon it Nuh mix Nike with Adidas, Inches to my back, Nice features, mi can, wear heels or sneakers, Mi mek hits afta hits like Adidja
[Chorus] Hype mi up, hype mi up, And anybody, weh mi f**k dem haffi wife mi up. Grab mi throat, Tie mi up, bend mi ova, backshot mi like eh ruff (yea!) Hype mi up, hype mi up, And anybody, weh mi f**k dem haffi wife mi up Grab mi throat, tie mi up, Bend mi ova, Back shot, mi like eh ruff (yea!)

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"Hype Me Up" Song Info

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