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I've Got Your Man (Remix)

by Lady Saw

I've Got Your Man (Remix) lyrics with English Translations

[Intro: Remy Martin & Lady Saw] (Uh huh) Remy Ma (Yes!) Lady Saw (Yes!) Pon di remix, mek mi tell yuh this (On the remix, make me tell you this) Bad gyal suh we don't fear no one no (Bad girl so we don’t fear no one no) Tek any man and we don't give a damn no (Take any man and we don't give a damn no) Lady Saw comin’ out with a bang suh (Lady Saw coming’ out with a bang so) Di remix haffi reach numba one yo (The remix have to reach number one yo)
[Verse 1: Lady Saw] Your man he told me that he's tired of the stuff you got He took one hit and said my good stuff keeps him coming back He likes it tight and said your stuff is just a little slack Girl don't get mad at me I'm only telling you the fact
[Hook: Lady Saw] I've got your man and you can't do anything (about it) You may think he is comin back to you but (I doubt it) Don't make no sense you even call him and try to (work out it) Cause I've got your man and you can't do anything (about it)
[Verse 2: Remy Martin] Look while you, pressing the issue stressing me I got your man at my crib and he's blessing me And more or less he told me everything For what I see ain't no need for us to be really be enemies You may feel you the one but I'm the one he's won Right about now you really can't do nothin’ Cause Rem's that b*tch and you sitting home sick I got 99 Problems near one of them b*tches yes
(Repeat Hook: Lady Saw)

[Verse 3: Lady Saw] He told me you don't give him room Nor give him breathing space (breathing space) And when he's out with friends You call and get up on his case (up on his case) He wants a girl that's down and to not all up in his face That's why I'm here with him cause I'm about to take your place
(Repeat Hook: Lady Saw)

[Verse 4: Remy Martin] Can you blame him, all you try to do is claim him Shackle, handcuff and house train him I don't appreciate all the calling From private numbers over and over early in the morning It really ain't a need to ask where he be When he leave nine times out of ten he's with me And my, specialty is cumin on faces So when you comin, you already know what you tasting’ it's Rem
[Verse 5: Lady Saw] This is a lesson yuh fi listen and yuh learn (This is a lesson you should listen and you’ll learn) Tek care of yuh man or else yuh lose fi yuh turn (Take care of your man or else you’ll lose your turn) Respect yuh man and then yuh respect wi’ earn Diss Lady Saw yuh might now get burn (Diss Lady Saw you might now get burn) Notice, when him nah come home pon time (Notice, when he don’t coming home on time) Nuh cussin, all yuh do gi him a good whine (No cussing, all you do give him a good whine) Rub dung him belly and tickle dung him spine (Rub down his belly and tickle down his spine) Yuh might tek a next gyal off a him mind, but (You might take a next girl off his mind, but)
(Repeat Hook: Lady Saw)

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