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Jamaica Cry

by Jaylaa

Jamaica Cry lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Jamaica cry Yow di country need a change But it start with us Yo a full time wi unite and stand as one Out of many one people Yeee
[Chorus 1] Everyday anotha yute die Crime rate gaan tuh di sky Politician dem a tell bare lies, dem a tell bare lies Work naah run wi cyaah get a bly Ghetto people cyaah get a bly Price raise but di food affi buy Suh pon di guns di ute dem rely
[Verse 1] Di leadas just a chill inna di mansions And a kill poor people wid sanctions Price raise but dem still affi tax man Ghetto yutes need a chance fi relax man Di country just design fi di tourist while di residents dem a di poorest Inna city yutes dem malnourished Mi neva si a yaad man pon di [?]
[Chorus 2] Everyday anotha yute die Anotha yute die oh why Politician dem a tell bare lie, dem a tell bare lies They don’t wanna see us prospa They don’t wanna see us try Dem clip wi wing dem nuh want wi fi fly They don’t wanna see us fly
[Verse 2] Babies a ave babies Fi human traffic dem kidnap di ladies Fi get di vote dem talk bout changes Den use di same policies from di 80’s Babylon fi stop bar off di vendors, Di churches a some big big pretendas Mi get a loan but di profit weh mi mek gaan back inna di interest Tuh di lendas
(Repeat Chorus 1)

[Verse 3] Ghetto yutes want fly wid di Visa And tek some trips tuh Ibiza Meet some girl pretty like Lisa-anna Dem can’t stop murda but quickly stop scamma Dem a blame crime rate pon di music But fi win election dem use it Dem a use politricks mi wi prove it Jamdung can change if wi choose it
(Repeat Chorus 2)

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"Jamaica Cry" Song Info

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