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by Shaka

Karma lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] (Terro Chopcity Records) Westside (Tekktroniic Muziq)
[Bridge] Couldn’ tell yuh bou party cash wi nuh gaah road Yassuh mi si marrow fly wid out passport Every clip fulla teeth like dawg mouth
[Chorus] Waan deh inna di party but wi cyaah dweet Affi prepare fi karma wen wi guh a street Yuh cyaah tell mi nuhn mi know war feel A from wi born wi si it and now wi start dweet Waan deh inna di dance weh fimi dawg keep But memba weh wi gwaan wid last week Affi look out fi drama wi nuh draw sheet A every dawg roll on suh wi cyaah green
[Verse 1] Yow Terro Don, badness a weh wi deliva Bullet a pop ribs madness gwaan wheneva wi guh duh robbery Affi rememba karma instantly A people wi hurt cyaah deh dessuh a ave drinks Nuh trust vehicle dawg neven taxi Cyaah ketch mi off guard like a bad kick Affi prepare fi war like a maths quiz Cyaah deh out deh a gwaan like yuh godly Torment yuh paranoid and yuh haunted Cyaah inna war and hitch up weh every bar deh Yuh dead a road like dawg if yuh naah medz Seh karma a fawud very shortly
(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 2] Mi naah guh road guh drop mi guard Mi ratha stay inna mi yaad Nuh keep di Rifle far Dem want mi gaan but dem a seh dis hard Cyaah ketch mi wid nuh gyal Mi nuh frighten wid dress weh short Mi nuh guh anyweh guh braff, mi paranoid to certain part Mi look inna di grass mi deven trust eh shortcut weh mi walk Mi get used tuh dis mi neven medz di crowd ting nun a tall Wen people gaan eh hard fi bawl caah mia si dis from mi small Memba seh vengeance deh inna smaddy heart
(Repeat Chorus)

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