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by Vybz Kartel

Kryptonite lyrics with English Translations

[Verse 1] f**k a bagga gyal, yeah, I do it But yuh a di only one for me Never mek a girl know how you feel She will use it against you Gi her yuh heart, she'll hurt you Run back a girl issa no no Worse if yuh tll her yuh love her so
[Chorus] I'm Superman, yah mi kryptonite Yeah, you make me weak and I almost died But I made it Cuz I'm the greatest
[Verse 2] Neva forgive, neva forget If yuh gi weh di pum pum, yuh spread yuh bed Mi anuh farma, mi nuh yahmhead A just suh di thing, a never egg Ah yuh homeless suh yuh bother beg Yuh wi find smaddy else as a c**ky tegereg Your dishonest cash put mi tuh rest Memba mi have eh S pan mi chest
(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 3] Think seh wi could be together forever Destiny never workout no neva tuh how yuh cold Mi nuh stop wear sweater tuh how yuh lie yuh fi get Gold Medal Shi almost get mi fi seh I do People a seh shi tie mi Vodoo Shi a Delilah but mi anuh Samson But she shoulda know
(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

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"Kryptonite" Song Info

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