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Legacy lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Life nice Wish mi could a do it twice (Wish I could do it twice)
[Chorus] Party hard Wi run foreign (We control foreign) An’ wi run yaad (And we control yard) Nuff nuh have nuh legacy (A lot doesn’t have any legacy) Like a mongrel dog Tun up di flame an’ di place get calm (Turn yo the flame and the place get calm) Ayyy
[Verse 1] Dem gyal a get f**k afta party tonight (Their girls are getting f**k after party tonight ) Hennessy buss up mi head, (Hennessy burst up my head,) Gyal run like water from pipe (Girl run like water from pipe) Liquor mek yuh duh di tings weh mi like (Liquor make you do the things that I like) Tun yuh pretty G-string inna a kite (Turn your pretty G-string in a kite) Di tequila mek Shella revel har innocent (The tequila made Shells reveal her innocent) Shi wah f**k all night (hay) (She wants to f**k all night (hey) Wen mi seh legacy, legacy, legacy (When I say legacy, legacy, legacy) Nah talk Champagne an’ Hennessy (Nit talking Champagne and Hennessy) Legacy, legacy, legacy Mi do some tings pon di groun’ (I did some things on the ground) Dem neva si (They’ve never see) Legacy, legacy, legacy Drop a bomb pon di f**ka dem head yuh si (Drop a bomb on the f**kers head you see) Feel like (Wi duh dis inna real life) ((We do this in real life))
[Verse 2] Di stars in the rave lef dem gyal yah eyes rip (The star in the rave leave them girls) (Here eyes rip) Gyal ejaculate quicker than a i8 (Girl ejaculate quicker than a i8) Staking up the money build a golden state Di kids eat chicken an’ boneless steak (The kids eats chicken and boneless steak) Born pon di gully}} (Born on the gully) Yuh fi know dis straight (You should know this straight) Sit-down and suffa (Sit-down and suffering that’s) A Yuh own mistake (Is your own mistake) Youths nah maga dung, (Youths not getting skinny,) Dem a rather push weight (They rather push weight) Dem house an’ car inna latest shape (Their house and car in latest shape)
(Repeat Chorus x2)

[Verse 3] Tip a sip a dis, rock on di floor (Tip a sip of this, rock on the floor) Mi si ten gyal a come mi si more (I see ten girls coming, I see more) Mi si gud gyal a come mi si wh*re (I see good girl coming, I see wh*re) Poverty sick enno, money a di cure (Poverty’s sick you know, money is the cure) Life a di greatest (Life is the greatest) From yuh have a life, (From you have a life,) Den yuh have a choice fi mek things right (Then you have a choice to make things right) Dem love wen youth lock up (They love when your youth’s locked up) An’ a duh twenty-five (And doing twenty-five) Fi dem tek weh wi voice (To take away our voice) A dem f**k wid dem light (It’s them f**k with their light) Chase Francolin face, Mi nuh clout chase (I don’t clout chase) Dem try fi run in nuh negotiate (They try to run in no negotiate) Dem p**sy chat a bagga things dawg (Those pussies chat a lot of things dog) Dem gyal still a come fi di things hard (Their girl’s still coming for the things hard) A regular mi have anotha one a rotate (It’s regular I have another one rotating) Affi do di do, (Have to do it,) Nothing not appropriate Gyal a skin out fi di stash (Girl opening out for the stash) Mek yuh nyam di cash (Make you eat the cash) Oh my gosh
(Repeat Chorus)

[Outro] Dem gyal (Their girl) Nah a light (Not a light) Zoom

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