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by Jahshii

Media lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Small mind cyaah stop dem youth dream yah
[Verse 1] Deven play fool fi catch wise dem a idiot Cyaah trick mi wid di media Dem jus chat a bagga ting fi get feedback Mi chat it as it is couldn’t get realer Tell yuh this from mi soul and mi mean dat Voice a di ghetto out it in a every speaker Corruption weh we from yuh haffi keep strong Di system di same ting a dem it feed from Di streets feel mi pain a reveal And dem feel di same yuh nuh feel dat like Freedom of speech nuh fi legal Wah nuh cost life couldn’t cost visa yeah Mi will tek di blame fi mi era a nuff young artist a sing real song And di establish nuh gi nuh feature Look pon di other side It woulda bad and nuh suh bad Fi di youth dem weh have cxc and nuh bother need jobs Dem wouldn’t pree wrongs Give thanks fi music a dis mi dream fa (aaahh) Weh mi a elevate from everyday a matic inna mi jeans pants Protect mi from mi past beg yuh please God Coulda speechless fi regret fi speak facts a jus di truth Weh mi tek it to deep thoughts
[Chorus] And yuh know mi nuh feel nuh way bout it Normally mi nuh talk plenty But really now mi heart venting (heart venting) Wah mount a ting dem ganist mi (talk gainst mi) Mi emotions gone left mi
[Verse 2] Raw born ghetto product Mi a di f**king youth weh aguh f**king f**king prove Seh we a di f**king future Nutten fi lose garrison nuh birth loser Matter of fact yuh better up wid eh food Born come si it a neva sumn fi choose from A God alone can judge yuh mi shooter talk mi talk mi mind And a nuh fi di views, yow a wah kinda life dis? Just another sinner from a killer tuh a singer memories Inna di past wish mi coulda fi got Shot mi self already sorry seh mi touch eh trigger life Lesson learn and a suh mi get eh vision Been a tell eh world wah gwaan if yuh si dat Lone substance mi deliver inna mi songs Neva need nuh bwoy strength and funny Miller Edit and a paint picture still a Jashii get richer
[Bridge] Been a wait fi di platform tell eh truth from mi heart An’ nuh act calm yeah look weh dem duh Tommy Lee A di samething dem try duh Popcaan Yeah mummy a watch now cyaah duh mi like Addi or Shawn Storm And if yh ask mi yuh know mi nuh fraid fi tell yuh waah gwaan (Aaahh)
(Repeat Chorus)

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