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by Konshens

Mirror lyrics with English Translations

[Intro: Stefflon Don] (I ain’t playing with you) Stefflon Don, Konshens Seh yuh bad from yuh born Seh yuh bad from yuh born
[Verse 1: Konshens] f**king cute a dat’s why yuh behave suh Stink attitude caah yuh know seh mi rate yuh Likkle fiyah cracka hotta dan Volcano World wind Tornado, any weh yuh guh Hear mi nuh, neva si a gyal mi luv near mi suh Trips tuh [?], guh Trinidad and Tobago Yuh chill pon di lane and yuh neva complain Suh wen a time fi catch plane yuh affi gorgeous di same
[Chorus: Konshens] No di mirror naah tell no lie Ye yuh look right all di time Pull off any look dat you try Gyal yuh stay nice all di time Gyal yuh neva pull up, and yuh neva mash up yet Yuh eva clean neva messy yet Gyal yuh know yuh neva dutty yet Gyal yuh look nice all di time
[Verse 2: Stefflon Don] Hear mi nuh stick shift mi baddi pon yuh gear enuh Push it inna belly backshot mi nuh fear enuh Hear mi nuh, sweat jussa drip Yeah yuh serious (Leg inna di sky explore like [?]) Yuh naffi style pon mi, duh wateva you want Yuh a my daddy Yeah, Feel weh yuh eye can’t si, tek charge Mek yuh walk, wen yuh mek yuh walk, girl
(Repeat Chorus: Konshens)

[Verse 3: Konshens] Gyal yuh look good, smell good, clean good And yuh cook good Mek a likkle basic [?] good What a mouth, what a brain, what a tongue good Flexible gyal, yuh know how fi bruk hooo Yes mami, yuh wul mi like yuh put a ‘X’ on mi Luv how yuh keep it classy and yuh keep it cute Gyal and har fren dem a hate, yuh nuh medz dem Yuh tell dem
[Bridge: Stefflon Don] Road side weh mi walk issa Llama E5 weh my killy dem park Inna di sky weh wi sen dem off Think seh a joke but yuh know wi not laughing Try touch a button and si Think seh yuh bad try dweet But now a man time, f**k time Mi a work mi a work, yee
(Repeat Chorus: Konshens)

[Outro:Both] Yeah Yeah, yeah Konshens, Stefflon Don Yeah yeah, One Don.. Gyal yuh look nice all di time Mhmm Gyal yuh look nice all di time

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