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by Squash

Mission lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Man a real soulija enuh fam Inna real life From nuttin tuh supm still yuh seet (true) Tribulation and trials Aguh faawud but wi strong
[Pre-Chorus] Wull eh faith faith betta days days Mek it from di ghetto an wi neva change Better days Jah jah fall heavy rain (rain) Wash weh every pain (pain) Memba wen mi use tuh hungry till mi belly hurt Deh yah an’ a meditate how much mi great Yuh nuh si mi buss eh team drop food pon every plate (6) Neva segregate auto mek mi tell yuh straight A di music mi love suh mi dedicate
[Chorus] Gone pon a mission (now) Nah fail eh mission Guh fi get di riches and di wealth that a mi vision House pon eh hill and mek couple million Matic pon mi belly and eh full a ammunition (Yeah yeah)
[Verse 1] Every ghetto yute wi a born star Mi a dweet from mi heart Mi a dweet fi mi dawg dem (Three black Benz inna eh yaad) Mi a dweet fi mi dawg mi a dweet fi mi family (Yeah) Wi a dweet fra wi heart Wi a dweet fi di family Baay pretty gyal wah f**k wi Four fi di boss and six mi gi Bobby (Bobby)
[Verse 2] Very heavy mi need a Burberry Tears deh inna mi eye mi dawg cemetery neva necessary some a fren enemy That’s why mi strap up wid eh matic like military (Yeah) Fada God listen yuh son Bible gi mi protection but mi nuh leff mi gun Caah if mi buck mi enemy nuh feel mi a run Mi a dip an’ draw mi matic an’ smaddy skin a bun
[Bridge] Yow fun time mi lift eh dirt bike Gyal inna mi house a drink di liqua and a twerk like Jump inna di Maybach den mi press out pon di turn pipe Nuhn neva stress mi brain chip chop tell mi seh a bird life (Bird life) Ha Ha Believe Charge yf
(Repeat Pre-Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus)

[Outro] Very heavy mi need a Burberry Tears deh inna mi eye mi dawg cemetery Neva necessary

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