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by Valiant

Motorcade lyrics with English Translations

[Chorus] A motorcade, a motorcade a four way flasher inna di spain A rifle wi lift a Jay lane Vvs diamond inna mi chain and yuh gyal a seh shi stress Through shi have mi pon her brain (heads) A who badder than me? (Who?) yuh nah fire rifle chargie quick quick wi shot boy wat a easy target Plug out di sun a darkness touch di road tonight
[Verse 1] A gyal shi wah roll beside mi right Purple jean mix the Versace style, (Huh) Pull up pon di gas pump and mek di tank full an’ den mi get di condom New gyal inna di car hold mi random and mi side gyal just a throw tantrum
(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 2] And mi a rock two side pon di toll a drift a gyal scream out God just cover him (jesus) Ding Dong dat a rave from morning, Lawboss seh di chromaz a him darling Seh mi nah ease up two twenty (220) pon di gas needle
(Repeat Chorus)

[Outro] Corruption! (?) and thank full every gyal wah have mi inna ransom

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"Motorcade" Song Info

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