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My Letter

by Squash

My Letter lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Shi tek up knife stab off a mi Seh shi cyaah duh it nuh more Yow mi jus a si yuh message inuh Did ina di studio a record Ypree? Okay, dawg mi love yuh enuh Mi naah tell no lie Mi can’t even pretend bredda Mia tell yuh dawg Like mi love yo head ova heals Yo f**k dawg a tru morewhile When yuh si mi lowe yuh alone A jus some tings mi medz An’ mi a seh, yo know seh Mi nuh waah dah nigga yah mad mi An’ mi jus lowe yuh But mi head ova heals wid yo dawg Like di slightest likkle ting weh yo duh It brrride mi dawwg, (Bride mi dawwg,)
[Chorus] We leff an’ we deh back Mi pree deep when yuh seh dat We both can do better We stick together forever Let’s talk about it whenever (Mhmm) Know sometime you get so fed up (Oh yeah) I’m in the street chasing the cheddar Emotionally writing this letter
[Post-Chorus] I wanna tell you that I love you I wanna be around you Tiad a lonely a wanna f**k you Hug you in ma arms kiss and touch yuh I wanna tell you that I love you Wanna be around you Tiad a lonely a wanna f**k you Roses are red Violet are blue
[Verse 1] When mi used to sleep out a night time Bbz yuh ave mi up Call mi pan mi phone mi affi laugh Because yuh bad mi up Reach in yuh a grab mi up seh yuh aguh stab mi up Seh a bag a loose gyal a road Mi ave a f**k Wah day yuh tell mi seh Yuh ave a new man yuh nearly gimi Heart attack Yuh mek mi fill up all mi gun Yo mek mi fiyah shot Yo bredda did a gimi bare tuff chat But mi sorry seh mi knock him wid a half a block Mi know wi seh wi leff more than 10 time Yuh tell mi seh mi nuh spend time Mi kiss mi teeth drive off Yuh fling a big stone and mash out di Benz light Mi pree different suh yuh know mi medz high Mi pack up mi tings dem an’ exile Caah yuh know inna yuh self mi nuh tek style But mi love yuh
(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Post-Chorus)

[Bridge] A tru like mi love yuh tuh eh point Weh mi woulda kill yuh mia tell yuh Love, mi love yuh tuh eh point weh mi feel like Mi woulda stab yuh up an’ kill yuh Kill yuh Mi a tell yuh caa mi really an’ truly Love yuh an’ mi jus nuh feel like seh Yaah guh eva pick mi an’ dem sitn’ Dem mek mi get mad like drive mi mad Caah mia medz and mia seh look how much Mi an’ dis yah youth guh thru An’ him still cyaah choose mi inna eh end No dawg mi jus’ will kill yuh an’ jus guh a prison Guh sidung mi nuh bizniz
(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Post-Chorus)

"My Letter" Song Info

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