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Nah Laugh

by Alkaline

Nah Laugh lyrics with English Translations

[Verse 1] Fulla opposition and mi naah laugh High fashion an’ wi a di muse anuh nuh knock off Weed smoke cloud mi nice but mi naah cough Jusa a aee Dem nuh waan fi si mi dweet but man a di God Mek dem luk dung inna di barrel sumn fraa Warf Yow di money neva get nuh sleep suh betta talk fast Anyting mi waan mi get mi know di cost cost Bad nuhn stop and wi a deal wid eh road wi ave eh [?] Mash up eh place and mek eh grung crack A medz wi a wull but nuh gimi tuff chat
[Chorus] Dem know already doe need ID (x2) Wi living life wi living life wi living a we a we
[Verse 2] Alright dem nuh seh wi dat is all good Walk good powa move wi mek and a guh forwud Awful only ting wi pour a wen di cork pull Charcoal blacka dan di tar colder dan di north pole A jus something ya now fi gwaan and bread fi start hold Certain wish di ghetto love fi si dat unfold A rough road rough road nuh likle soft troll paypa cyaah wull inna eh billfold Wull on nuh Real yute pon eh rising a step fi si di Horizon Fi di time dem we wi neva ave Know oh long wi deh ya an’ a wull it off
(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 3] Hot inna degrees a how much celsius di ends up Pon eh move a guh [?] help us Mentos refreshing sinting different Place a get crush den nuh mus Slow dung pon eh out ya mind yuh get flush Get rush Blood a wash dem face since dem head tuff Bines wi deal wid dem yuh tink a chest puff Dem ya gun ya dem nuh generous Sting dem like venomous naah guh stick caah dem nuh rust
[Bridge] Anuh if and anuh nuh maybe (x4) Head guh and yuh nuh afi dare mi Further from di oridnary
(Repeat Chorus)

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"Nah Laugh" Song Info

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