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Nuh Wife

(No Wife)
by Alkaline

Nuh Wife lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] F**king hell (Yeah) (Nuh wife, nuh wife) ((No wife,no wife))
[Chorus] Nah look nuh wife (Not looking any wife) Mi wuck yuh wid me knife (I work you with my knife) And mek yuh fall in luv (And make you fall in love) Gyal a guh top a har voice (Girl’s going too of her voice) Mek up a bagga noise (Make up a lot of noise) Gyal wild she wi tek it inna di crowd (Girl is wild she’lol take it in the crowd) Wen mi seh fi shut (When I say to shut) Di f**k up shi a squeal (The f**k up she’s squealing) (Nah tek nuh talk) ((Not taking any talk)) C*cky juice a flow up (C*cky juice flowing up) In har p*ssy an’ a stream (I her p*ssy and steaming) Yeah mi hood just (Yeah my hood just) Like a meal (wah tek it off) (Like a meal (want take it off)) Fall in love best believe me
[Verse 1] And she a tell me seh (And she’s telling me that) Shi luv mi suh much (She loves me so much) Shi a tell mi seh (She’s telling me that) She love me so much [?] Yeah shi a tell (Yeah she’s telling) Mi seh shi luvmi (That she loves me) Hear mi weh me say yuh do a f**k mi (Hear me when I say what you do is f**k) (Me)
(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 2] Bless di good punani (Bless the good vagina) Fling up di p*ssy pon mi (Fling up the p*ssy on me) Without a title clean di rifle and she [?] (Without a title clean the rifle and she [?]) Cock it harder dan di Eiffel (Cock it harder than the Eiffel) Touch yuh get yuh wet Tsunami (Touch you get you wet Tsunami) Shout up yuh friend dem (Shout up your friends) Mek we link up have a orgy maybe (Let us meet and have a orgy maybe) No anno mi gyal mi jus f**k di tight p*ssy (No it’s not my girl I just f**k the tight p*ssy) Mek she sit down pon (Make she sit down on) Di cocky and shi bruk (The dick and cum) Nah bail off (Not bailing off) Shot mi shot yuh gyal a box (Shot I shot your girl a slap in face) Shi love har earzaz (She loves her slaps in face) Banging it we waking up Di neighbors yeah (The neighbors yeah) An’ wi nah affi tell nobody (And we don’t have to tell anyone) Seh mi a load up di trolley (That I’m loading up the trolley) Check in wid har, seh cheer fi mi (Check in with her,she cheers for me) Mi nah fi go a nuh rally (I don’t have to go to any rally) Mi full a gyal cya even check (I’m filled with girls can’t even check) Still a add up di tally (Still adding up the tally) Shi f**k mi g dem (She f**ks my friends) Anuh nuhn dat a fi we dally (That’s not anything it’s our doll)
(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 3] Any man weh lef yuh Gad (Any man that leaves you God) Bless him Fi get yuh gyal, is a blessing (To get you, girl is a blessing) Reason pon di ends (Reason on the ends) An’ every dawg a seh she impress him (And every dog says she impressed him) Hook to yuh to mi chorus (Hooked to you to my chorus) Toxic love addict no heroine Fu-f**k deh heaven (Fi-f**k is at heaven) A nuh-nuh nuh rendering (It’s no-no no rendering) Mi touch it, (I touch it,) Cuz f**k it (Cousin f**ked it) An’ mi tink all Price him f**k it (And I think even Price f**ked it) Mi nuh sure (I’m not sure) But a our link still we a buss it (But it’s our link still we’re bursting it) If a nuh pants foot mi nuh cuff it (If it’s not pants foot I don’t cuff it)
(Repeat Chorus)

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