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by Yaksta

Numb lyrics with English Translations

[Verse 1] Suh much things change since yuh leave An’ even now bruh yow am still in disbelief Mi neva cry but internally mi grieve To know yuh got potential but neva get to achieve Reminiscing on good times yow to do dat a di least Afta a laughter guarantee I won't be pleased Tell me dis is rumor bro confirm dis nuh please Tiad fi beer di witness tuh much have to gone deceased
[Chorus] My head’s numb, my head’s numb Too much RIP Heaven welcome one more a mi G My head’s numb, my head’s numb No no dis can’t be Heaven welcome one more a mi G
[Verse 2] Deh ya a listen tuh di Pastor a tell wi a yuh last dat While mi heart grow softa Life is more like torcha Mi hide mi tears but naah chat, jus wash mi face wid wata True emotions naah stop come Mussi ave a [?] Dat’s messing with mi laughta A really what could cause dat A guess mi frenz dem know how fi find mi soft spot Because suh much yute nuh fi a dead If a nuh accident a hardball inna head
[Pre-Chorus] Si yuh on di otha side soon Am’ jus hoping dat [?] Deh ya a listen couple sad chune Cut suh sudden bruh a dis yuh call wound?
(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 3] How is it suh far? Are yuh closer tuh di stars? How long would it take for you tuh put yuh foot on Mars Does Heaven have buildings? Does Angel drive cars? Give me confirmation Does celestial really war? Have you made any new friends If, do you miss it wen wi par? If there’s a pay phone bruh give me a call nuh star Mi miss yuh nuh fret An’ I’ll never forget di day wen wi met (Bro Gad)
(Repeat Pre-Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus)

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"Numb" Song Info

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