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Oh Ye

by Aidonia

Oh Ye lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] A wahm tuh daah big dutty (What’s wrong with this big dirty) Bloodclaate gyal deh (Girl) Weh di f**k yuh nuh stop call up (Why the f**k don’t you stop calling) Mi name (My name) Suh wahm if mi waah bombooclate (So what’s wrong if I want to) F**k DiDi Yuh hear seh police a walk (You heard that police is walking) A lock up gyal fi tek f**k inna dem hole? (And locking girls to take f**k) (In their vagina?) Yuh a wah? (What are you?) Bloodclate c*cky police? (Penis police?) Aye gyal, yuh hear mia tell yuh (Hey girl,are you hearing me telling you) Lowe mi bombooclate name Anyweh mi si yuh mia tear off yuh face (Anywhere I see you I’m tearing off your) (Face) Yamabella gyal (Silly girl)
[Verse 1] Mi get di p*ssy easy (I got the vagina easy) But nuh seh Nikki fool fool (But don’t say Nikki is a fool) Yuh best fren a seh yuh tek e (Your best friend is saying you took the) Dicky too soon (Dick too soon) Yuh fren chat too much enu (Your friend talks too much) Shi waan’ f**k mi tuh (She wants to f**k me too) Shi si mi style (She saw my style) Shi seh Rick yuh too cool (She said Rick you’re too cool) Shi nuh waan’ nuh man (She don’t want any man) Wah a fiyah nuh likle two-two (That’s firing a two-two) F**k gyal from mi young like likle QQ (F**k girls from I’m young like little QQ) Mek e connect lik (Make it connect like) Wen yuh listen Bluetooth (When you listen Bluetooth) Gyal yuh body pretty lik ah (Girl your body is pretty like a) Benz new group
[Chorus] Oh ye, Oh ye,Oh ye Anything mi seh (Anything I say) Di gyal dem affi open (The girls got to open) Oh ye, Oh ye,Oh ye Three gyal inna mi bed one time (Three girls in my bed one time) Oh ye Oh ye, Oh ye,Oh ye Play wid yuh p*ssy mek e wet (Play with your p*ssy make it wet) Foreplay Oh ye, Oh ye,Oh ye Oh ye, Oh ye,Oh ye
[Verse 2] F**k wah dem a seh (F**k what they are saying) Yuh kno mi hawta dan steel (You know I’m hotter than steel) Mi nuh smell fishy dat a sardine (I don’t smell fishy that’s sardine) 4th Genna Hotline bay gyal a call in (4th Genna Hotline a lot of girl is calling) Seh mi sweet lik curry wid a lot a (Saying I’m sweet like curry wid a lot of) Broad bean Big oman mi hall (Big woman I hall) Buh mi nuh guh all in (But I don’t go all in) Mi gyal kno seh mi ave couple (My girl knows that I have couple) Gyal a Foreign (Girls at Foreign) But shi luv eh c*cky (But she loves the dick) Suh shi seh shi naa leave (So She said she’s not leaving) Shi luv e lik Cornmeal flowa cartwheel (She loves it like Cornmeal flour cartwheel)
(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)

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