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Original Daddy

by Konshens

Original Daddy lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Hey Reaching out to all original daddy Original Father Wah tek a sperm donor (What's wrong with the sperm donor?) Yuh anuh nuh soulja (You aren't a soldier) How yuh fi be senior and a neglect yuh junior (How can you be a senior and neglecting your junior) Run wen di pressure reach yuh (Ran when the pressure hits you) Jah Jah gonna beat yuh (God's going to beat you)

[Chorus] That's why mi haffi (That's why I have to) Big up myself cuz mi a real faada (Give props to myself because I'm a real father) Never left mi son (Never left my son) And nuh neglect mi dawta (And don't neglect my daughter) Tek care of mi responsibility (Take care of my responsibility) Never neglect my pickney (Never neglected my children) Yuh fi big up di man fram him a real faada (You must give props to the man if he's a real father) Never left him son And nuh neglect him dawta (And don't neglect his daughter) Tek care a di responsibility (Take care of the responsibility) Never neglect dem pickney (Never neglected my children)

[Verse 1] Wen yuh tun a daddy, a di greatest joy (When you become a daddy, it's the greatest joy) Nuh matta if it is a girl or a boy (Doesn't matter if it is a girl or a boy) Yuh affi tek it serious anuh toy (You have to take it serious, it's not a toy) Yuh affi tuff it up aldoah di dutty ruff (You have to tough it out although the road's rough) Nuff man outta road wi si a drive inna "Range" (A lot of men on the street, we see them driving in a Range Rover) If dem pickney get a plate a food, that strange (If their kids get a plate of food, that's strange) Me nah tell nuh lie (I'm not telling any lies) Mi feel like mi a guh dead anytime mi dawta cry (I feel like I'm going to die anytime my daughter cries)

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 2] Mi nuh know weh sum man cum fram (I don't know where some men came from) God know, mi nuh undastand (God know, I don't understand) How dem live inna mansion and dem pickney live inna dumpland (How are they living in mansions and their kids live in dump lands ) Mommy seh she nuh see him (Mommy said she hasn't seen him) Him a seh anuh fi him (He said it's not his) Him a seh anuh fi him (He said it's not his) Dawg look how yuh son fava yuh (Dude, your son looks just like you) Look pon di likkle girl (Look on the little girl) Treat yuh baby mada like she deserve di worl (Treat your baby mother like she deserves the world) Big up all di real mothers out there (Give props to all the real mothers out there) And every daddy fi a sing it out clear (And every daddy should sing it out clearly)

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 3] Even though I can't be there everyday My presence felt anyway Mi haffi touch di road (I have to hit the streets) Food haffi eat and bills haffi pay (Food has to be eaten, bills have to be paid) But I never turn my back (But I never turned my back) Never close my eyes Neva figet, neva regret (Never forget, never regret)

(Repeat Chorus)

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