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by Kraff

Pain lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Yow Kyle Ya man a darkness alone mi know bou one a eh time man Yuh demi? Yow Steno Memba good nuh
[Bridge] Mi talk to pain sometime x4 Cause I’m a survivor mi talk to pain sometime x4
[Verse 1] Like is like a Chess Board Yuh affi sacrifice ponds suh di rook grow Cyaa read my thoughts fi mi medz cold Heart full a darkness a it alone mi know How yuh fi send a rook alone fi a Kings Throne Wen mi seh arms up eh endz anuh big stone Dis anuh nothing fi yuh laugh anuh fling stone Think ten step a head pon di first move yeah
[Chorus] Mi talk to pain sometime dawg Yuh know mi talk tuh pain sometime bro yeah Mi talk to pain sometime dawg Yuh know mi talk tuh pain sometime dawg
[Verse 2] Talk tuh pain last night and him answer mi demons mi a fight like real smaddi North, West, East, South Dem a corna mi but man a warrior dawg anuh soldier dis Dem lef mii inna di dark ah mi conqueror it Yuh nuh know Kraff nah guh si mi panic Affi fight till mi heart stop nah guh quit Henny seh fi kill Remmi seh fi gwaan whole it
(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 3] A time fi shine now a f**k up eh game A who a talk bout time out Nuh good is in fame Nothing nu deh yah fi lie bout Deh throw mi in a hell Yuh shoulda si how mi climb out Den in a mi prime now Cyaah resign bruh nuh wah nuh stake Yuh betta a gi mi di whole Cow Yea mi a rise now mummy a smile now Daddy seh yuh great bredda seh a yuh time now yeah Cause I’m a survivor Dem couldn’t stop dis a shine yah No Cause I’m a survivor Cyah stop dis a shine ya Ahhhh
(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)

[Outro] Mi talk to pain sometime Yuh know mi talk to pain sometime (Repeat till end..)

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