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Problem lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] JB it dooh matta weh yuh record seh (JB it don’t matter what you record) Badmind ago seh wah dem waah seh (Envious people going to say what they want say) Ayeaiyah… A suh badmind stay (That’s how envious people stay) How dem stay? (How they stay?)
[Verse 1] Dem si yuh inna yuh button dung shirt (They see you in your button down shirt) An’ yuh Air Force 1 (And your Air Force 1) Gurl pon yuh right (Girl on your right) Kid pon yuh lef’ hand (Kid on your left hand) Di Benz weh dem dooh know a weh it come from (The Benz that they don’t know it’s what it come from) Di first thought dem ave inna dem mind (The first thought they have in their mind) (Chi chi man) ((Gay man)) Dem si yuh everyday wid money inna yuh hand (They see you everyday with money in your hand) Brand new house wid yuh Tacoma Van (Brand new house with your Tacoma Van) Di fassy dem carry yuh name guh station (The punks carry your name go station) Gone tell di Police seh (Gone tell the Police that) (Him a drugs man) ((He’s a drugs man))
[Chorus] Mi nuh know a weh mi duh dem (I don’t know what I did them) Everyting weh mi duh inna life (Everything that I they do in life) Issa problem (It’s a problem) Mi nuh know a weh mi duh dem (I don’t know what I did to them) Tru’ mi mek mi own money (Because I make my own money) Dem know mi naah beg friend (They know I don’t beg friend) Mi clean an’ come out issa problem (I’m clean and come out it’s problem) Drive outta mi yaad issa problem (Drive out my yard it’s a problem) Suh mi nuh know a weh mi duh dem (So I don’t know what I did to them) Everyting weh duh inna life (Everything that you do in life) Issa problem (It’s a problem)
[Verse 2] Dem buy American figgle (They buy American figgle) Tru’ dem si yuh inna di Eagle (Because they see you in the Eagle) Kibble yuh buss eh Eagle (Kibble you burst the Eagle) Dem nuh know seh yuh suh evil (They don’t know that your so evil) Tek di glasses from di blind (Take the glasses from the blind) An’ tek di wheelchair from di cripple (And take the wheelchair from the cripple) Why, badmind people waan fi kill yuh fi yuh vehicle? (Why, envious people want to kill you for your vehicle?) Suh it’s very simple (So it’s very simple) Mi aguh set dis example (I’m going to set this example) Mi aguh stan’ up inna yuh face wid mi Clarks like a pimple (I’m going to stand up in your face with my Clarks like a pimple) Money mek mi humble (Money make me humble) Wen mi smile yuh si mi dimple (When I smile you see my dimple) Dem bwoy yah naav nuh principle (These boys here don’t have no principle) Dem too siple (They’re too simple)
(Repeat Chorus)

[Bridge] Money mek di worl' go roun' (Money make the world go round) Yeh Money mek di worl' go roun' (Money make the world go round) Mi luv di girls dem (I love the girls) Slim or dem roun' (Slim or they’re round) Mi luv di girls dem (I love the girls) Black or dem brown (Black or they’re brown) Mi luv dem wen dem a smile or frown (I love them when they smile or frown) Yeh tell all di girls dem gatha roun' (Yeh tell all the girls gather around) Cause tonite aguh be a showdown (Cause tonight going to be a showdown) Like Jim Jones mi own di compound (Like Jim Jones I own the compound)
(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)

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