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Proud Wifey

by Denyque

Proud Wifey lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Sunny Day keeping the clouds away I’m on my way And I’m so good Good, good, so good I care zero

[Chorus 1] Yuh come a hype wid yuh likkle one touch (You’re feeling hyped up because of your little touch) Yuh likkle bikkle meck yuh come a hype up (Your little bikkle has made you hyped up) But Denyque a proud wifey yeah (But Denyque is a proud wife) That yuh only can dream bout (That you only can dream about) All my wifey’s put your rings up Nuh haffi beg yuh man fi link up (Don’t have to beg your man to meet up) No side chick naw guh like me (No side chick is going to like me) Oh but I care zero

[Verse 1] Talk yuh talk mi nuh response (Talk your talk I don’t care) When mi walk keep yuh distance (When I’m walking, keep your distance) Girl now yuh roll and stick wid it (Girl now roll and stick with it) Me and mi man don’t need yuh assistance (Me and my man don’t need your assistance) Wi look like seh wi short a nothing (Do we look like we’re short of anything) Yuh six grand don’t half wi dozen (Your six grand doesn’t half our dozen) No other gyal cyaa push mi button (No other girl can push my button) Mi name deh pon every title (My name’s on every title)

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 2] The situation a get out a hand believe me (The situation’s getting out of hand, believe me) A just how yuh treat it (It’s just how you treat it) Caw mi a wife but mi proud a mi life (Because I’m a wife but I’m proud of my life) Too cute fi a live in a secret (Too cute to live in a secret) Mi couldn’t love a brother who clearly love another (I couldn’t love a brother who clearly love another) No, nuh fit fi cheatness (No, I’m not fit for cheating) A nuh side chick thing (It’s not the side chick thing) A the chick wid the ring (It’s the chick with the ring) Just a likkle one touch yuh can keep it (Just a little touch and you can keep it)

(Repeat Chorus x3)

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