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Psalm 23

by Shane O

Psalm 23 lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Countreehype music Balla (Baller)
[Verse 1] This is how you say thanks, This is how you say thanks Guh on yuh knees three time (Go on your knees three time) Don't you pray once Let Psalms 23 be yuh clearance, (Let Psalms 23 be your clearance,) Cups up for the day ones Cups up for the day ones Cups up for the day ones
[Verse 2] Cups up Mi nuh care who a boo mi today (I don’t care who’s booing me today) Caah tomorrow mi si same fans (Cause tomorrow I see same fans) Selling out di imitation just for di name brand (Selling out the imitation just for the name brand) Big up who seh mi tuff nuhn nuh change (Big up who say I’m tough nothing don’t change) A mi same one wull it out and till mi time come (It’s me same one hold it out and until my time come) Memba di chain long, remote now nuh more gate slam (Remember the chain’s long, remote now no more gate slam) Mama feel great If it's not stake a straight ham a dis shi wish fah everyday (If it’s not stake it’s straight ham this she wish for everyday) And been a wait pon (And been waiting on) At Least shi wull it out and stay strong (At Least she hold it out and stay strong) (Yeah) Tell dem a me same one who dem use (Tell them it’s me same one who they use) To do science fimi dem (To do science for me their) f**king face long Belly yuh a carry yuh soon get a great ram (Belly you carrying you soon get a great ram) Yuh big belly soon bust yuh likkle pagan (Your big belly soon burst you little pagan)
[Chorus] Help mi celebrate empty out everything (Help me celebrate empty out everything) Ice round mi neck dem a freeze dat's drip (Ice round my neck they’re freezing that's drip) Gyal inna mi house shi a pose an' sip big batty gyal (Girl in my house she’s posing and sip big ass girl) Look how dat thick (Look how that thick)
[Post-Chorus] Thank you Jah Jah strengthen mi fada (Thank you Jah Jah strengthen me father) Thank you Jah Jah Jah, Jah, Jah, Jah, Jah
[Verse 2] Jeezam-pee mi dem a try get mi out (Damn they are trying to get me out) Mi si eh damn pree (I see the damn pree) Mi talented bad enuh seal concrete (I'm talented bad you know seal concrete) But mi still a sophisticate don’t feel man free (But I’m still sophisticating don’t feel man’s free) Dung dem waan’ mi lay underground dem wa mi stay (Down they want me lay underground they want me stay) Another G drop pour Some a deh rum deh pon (Some of those rum on) Him grave bun dem wa out mi life (His grave burn them that’s out my life) Lock the place and lock di states (Lock the place and lock the states) Gyal a gimi nookie free wen some man did affi pay (Girl giving vagina free when some man had to pay) Man a star, man a star, man a star, (I’m a star, I’m a star, I’m a star,) Nah fi comment pon mi pics (Don’t have to comment on my pics) None a mi songs yuh nah fi rate, mi dem underrate (None of my songs you don’t have to rate, me they can’t underrate) Di nikkle di promoter underpay (The nikkle the promoter underpay) Soon nominate one day Mi must guh through the grammy gate (I must go through the grammy gate) Mi genes affi live on mi son dem affi rate (My genes have to live on my sons they have to rate) Sorry Jah know [?] It couldn't be a betta place (It couldn't be a better place) Affi move on anyway get the cush bag (Have to move on anyay get the crush bag) And the Cray gyal weh [?] (And the Cray girl that [?]) Affi brace Bimma push start pon eh lane (Have to brace Bimma push start on the lane)
(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Post-Chorus)

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