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by Valiant

Sainty lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Aye Miss G Di shadow who is di greatest teacher From her tuh come tuh di light Sorcery (x3)
[Chorus] Ahh Big up mi science oman weh mi ave dung a Sainty Millions a mek and eh diplomats living wealthy Sciance di client himname dat mi ave inna Pepsi Big up mi science woman weh mi ave dung a Sainty Loan clearance millions a mek a wah yuh fraid a Parchment paper (alright) Devils horse whip if dem earz hard Blood from mi soul an’ mi feet to mi earz dog Spirit from way cross way cross
[Verse 1] Fulla gun jus like di Isis try me Rub bup bup bup Rolling calf dat behind mi crisis From yuh look inna di crystal ball wire transfer Yuh nuh si di money confirm Mi mek di money turn and mi mek wh money turn Ahh
(Repeat Chorus)
[Verse 2] Money talk like spiritual 5 mill a day dat minimal Balmain shoes yuh nuh si di tag Turtle bag Turtle bag A who a hype and a gwaan wid 30 gran (Move) Dem lifestyle cheap get di duffle bag duffle bag Get di duffle bag duffle bag Money mi calling Gimmi phone mek wi draw in a offing Sustain mi health dawg yow mi rich suh every mawning
(Repeat Chorus)

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