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by Nation Boss

Searching lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Cyan find happiness (2x) Yow Kyle,One Nation One Guru,yuh know,yh,yh
[Verse 1] Wish mi coulda Happy But Happy nuh wan see mi So mi par wid faith Everywhere mi walk wid it Yuh mi nah try love Fi mi heart off limit Human too f**ked up Corrupt and wicked Yo Kyle,feel like mi energy finish If anybody ah try drain more Mi wi kill it And mi still ah cry blood Cah mi bro cyan see this But mi know yuh nuh gone Yuh deh ya inna e spirit
[Verse 2] Naa lie it's been ages Mi cyan find never just hatred Naa gi dem di chance Fi do di same thing,Noo Fi mi energy ah nuh Something fi play with My Lord mi ah tell yuh since lately,yh People wey close to mi Start fail mi Our loyalty ah everyday thing,yo Until e coffin lock ah just native One Nation,yh yh
[Chorus 2] But mi still cyan find it But Am still searching My happiness While am learning How to keep di fire burning, Believe mi,seh am still searching For happiness time reversing It looks like am still hurting
[Verse 3] Yeah Mia search fi happiness and mi couldn’ seet Give dem alla mi love an’ still nuh receive Tek mi tears fi weakness uno shouldn’ dweet No God know dem just kill mi cousin how mi fi heal Up a talk tuh yuh spirit wen mi fi a sleep Look inna mi eye dem yuh si pain fi real Suh mi tiad a search fi it mi trad eh worst streets An’ still mi caah seet Nuh happiness di earth deep darkness days Mi nuh mek di world seet Depression mek some a mi nerves weak Drink everyday neva stop burn weed Di worst feeling a wen yuh stuck inna yuh head Is like nothing naah move an’ di world freeze Yeah
(Repeat Chorus 2)

[Outro] I’m still searching.. Ye god know, I’m still searching..

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